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American Education Fair 2017 ;Be Part of the American Dream

American International Campus (AIC Campus) the leading transnational higher education provider in Sri Lanka proud to announce the American Education fair 2017 which will be held on the 18th November 2017 at the Cinnamon Grand Cedar Room starting at 9.30AM
AIC Campus being the first Private Higher Educational Institution in the Country to offer American University Transfer Program (2+2) in partnership with a State University in the United States of America namely California State University Sacramento State will be the main sponsor of the American Higher Education Fair .
Students and Parents who are looking for a quality and affordable higher education options in North America can visit the American Higher education fair to get to know the Options available in USA for higher studies.
America the Best Destination for Higher Education
American Higher education is regarded as the best in the world. The best testimony to the claim of number one in the world can be provided from the World University Rankings.
Among the top 10 Universities in the world five (5) are American Universities, among the top 50 Universities in the world 18 are American. If we go further, among the top 100Universities 31 are American Universities
One Million Overseas Students Travel to USA Each Year
Another Factor that justifies Quality of the American Higher Education is the fact that on average 1 million overseas students joins American Universities each year from all corners of the world to achieve their higher education dreams.
Demand for STEM Graduates
Traditionally America has excelled in research and development and innovation in technology and Science. With a diversified population and Federal and State Government finding available for research and development and also the funding provided by the industry itself technological innovation in USA has become unchallenged by any other country
Students who wish to pursue their higher education in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math, United State of America is the place to be.
Opportunities Unlimited
With a world class education system producing highly skilled graduates American Companies have flourished in their respective fields such as Aviation, Automobile, Bio Medical, Energy, Technology and many more fields to produce 127 companies among the Fortune 500 Global companies. The opportunities in USA are unlimited for highly skilled graduates.
American Higher Education the Most flexible and career focused option
The success of the American higher education is the flexibility, development of individual’s skills and career focused training that the undergraduates go through during their study period to become employable.
AIC Campus Makes American Education accessible and affordable
AIC Campus American University Transfer program provides the right balance for Sri Lankan students and parents by providing easy and seamless transfer program and direct placements to top American Universities.
The 2+2 American University Transfer Program provides the most flexible and affordable transfer program in the country with guaranteed credit transfer and visa guidance at the time of transfer
Access over 100 American Universities and 300 Major areas of study
We will provide you with multiple options when it comes to American Higher Education.
Our partnerships with over 100 universities will provide the students to select many major areas of study in the USA which exceeds 300 majors.
If you are looking for a life changing higher education option for your child the time has come to call us and reserve your seat for the American Higher Education fair on the 18th and obtain firsthand information about American Higher education from the experts and professionals.
You will have the opportunity to meet our students who are in the Transfer program to share their experience with you and your child.

Please call 0766 759 669/0779 779 776 or 0768 268 163 and reserve your seat.

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