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PATHE STUDY ABROAD -Experience the Prestigious Overseas Education

ATHE STUDY ABROAD, is a reputed Overseas Education Consultant with a reputation of more than 20 years specializing in International education. With the experience of over a decade of student placement and visa processing, we have maintained our position as a renowned figure in the industry by providing an unmatched service for our candidates.
PATHE ACADEMY is accredited by IAA-New Zealand immigration advisers Authority, MARA-Office of the migration Agents Registration Authority-Australia, EDUCATION NEW ZEALAND and PIER-Qualified Education Agent Cou. to assure the quality of PATHE services. Sales and Marketing Manager at PATHE Academy, Amila Samarakoon shared his thoughts.
“We represent prestigious universities and recognized institutes across Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Shengen, Singapore, Philippines, India, Russia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA in order to open up a gateway to Sri Lankan youth for a fully academic and professional experience around the globe to enhance their learning curve.
The student that we counsel is at the heart of everything that we do. We recognize that we hold the future of these young students in our very hands.
As such we provide them with the best advice and counseling possible in order that we guide them on the correct path – the path that helps them to transform their dreams to their destiny!”
Also he added more saying, “We facilitate live chat experience through our online consultancy service where one of our dedicated and experienced consulting experts will give the students an effective and efficient service in order for them to make the right choice at the right time at the right place” Students who are interested in transforming their dreams to their destiny could apply for our overseas education placement which is guided by professional, qualified, experienced and friendly team at PATHE STUDY ABROAD, No.07, Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mawatha, Colombo 06, Colombo 06.
For more details and consultancy, please contact Sudari – 0720 239 742 or Samanmalie on 0718 622 749 or visit us on

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