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Low Cost Graduateship Program in Chemistry for 40th Year

The College of Chemical Sciences, which is the educational arm of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (IChemC), has invited applications for its high quality, low cost and popular Graduateship Programme in Chemistry for the 40th consecutive year. The programme which produces the largest number of Graduate Chemists in Sri Lanka has provided a unique non conventional opportunity not only to a very large number of adults, middle level qualifies, late developers, late realisers and the matured to obtain at minimal cost an internationally accredited qualification in Chemistry at a level equivalent to a Special Honours degree from any recognized University but also enabled a large number of school leavers with three advanced level passes to pursue a recognized tertiary level programmes (at either weekends or on three weekdays) and become Graduate Chemists within four years of admission. About 20 % of the student clientele of the College also includes those following degree level programmes in Sri Lankan Universities in numerous fields including engineering, medicine, pharmacy, dental sciences and other applied sciences. Those following basic science degree courses in conventional universities are assured of being able to follow a four year degree level programme without any delay whatsoever and pass out by the end of 2021, since every student who joins the College programme can proceed to do provided they puts in the necessary effort and obtain individual eligibility attainments without any competition from their fellow students. This is an unique an opportunity they do not have elsewhere. Even those who have sat the A/L examination this year can apply and join the programme by the end of the year unlike parallel counterparts who will be able to join a University, if they qualify and are selected, at the earliest after about 18 months in 2019.
Professor S.P.Deraniyagala, the Dean of the College, states in a media release that the high levels of competence, integrity, commitment and determination exhibited by students while pursuing this unique non-conventional programmes have enabled large numbers of Graduate Chemists produced by the College to obtain appointments at high level as well as registration for post-graduate degrees not only in Sri Lanka but also globally in academia, industry, research and service institutions. About 200 have obtained real doctorates at the PHD level from Universities in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka etc, while several others are pursuing or have obtained various postgraduate degrees at Master’s level. Professor Deraniyagala also states that the College will be proud to pass the 1000 mark not only in this Graduateship Programme but also in its ancillary (two year)Technician Programme which is open for those with O/L attainments at a middle level. The latter four decade long programme provides the necessary middle level peronnell required to assist Graduate Chemists in providing teaching, research, analytical and laboratory services including MLT level.
Early applications can be made immediately for both these programmes using forms and other information including prospectus available free of charge on website or at its headquarters at Adamantane House, 341/22, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya (near post office) or by attending an orientation session at 9.30 am on Sunday 22nd October at the said address or telephoning 011-286- 1231/011-286-1653.

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