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ANC Education has produced hundreds of psychology graduates through its collaboration with top notch universities at the forefront of world class research in psychology. All these graduates have launched rewarding careers even before they donned the gown and posed for that graduation picture! Strong academics combined with internships and experiential learning opportunities provide ANC students with the real-world experience necessary for success in the marketplace. ANC continues, in joint collaboration with SUNY, Empire State College, New York, to offer bachelor’s in psychology. Introducing MSc in Clinical & Health Psychology, in partnership with University of west London (UWL), is another step forward. This is a unique experience for local students as it gives them not only a global perspective which will boost their employment prospects both in Sri Lanka and abroad but also the opportunity to complete both bachelor’s and master’s in psychology within four years.

Why Major in Psychology?

A highly flexible, marketable, and useful liberal arts degree that prepares students for many careers: knowledge and skills that one will develop as a Psychology major apply to a variety of careers in healthcare, business, education, social work, etc.
One of the most popular undergraduate majors, with over one million bachelor’s degrees conferred annually ( National Center for Educational Statistics 2017) A graduate degree in psychology offers additional career opportunities (approximately 30,000 masters and about 7000 doctoral degrees in psychology are offered every year)
An Opportunity to make a Difference: Psychologists, counselors, therapists, and community service workers can make a real difference in people’s lives by helping them overcome adversity, increase their well-being, and realize their full potential
Skills Developed as a Psychology Major
Exposure to diverse perspectives: psychology students hone their critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills- valuable skills in today’s complex world
Learn research methodology and statistical skills: this can ignite students’ interest in launching a prestigious career in research in a variety of settings such as academia, industry, government, social service agencies and nonprofits
Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills: students develop skills to work with people and groups (They respect diversity) as well as to manage their emotions and behavior
Communication and presentation skills: students write a great many papers based on empirical research and take courses that require discussion and debate.
The State University of New York (SUNY)
SUNY is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States. Their impact in New York State and across the globe begins with their 64 institutions, including research universities, academic medical centers, liberal arts colleges, community colleges and colleges of technology.
More than 20 SUNY campuses have been ranked among the top colleges and universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report (2017).
The University of West London (UWL)
The UWL is the No. 1 Modern University in London (Guardian League Table 2018) and the best university in London for student satisfaction according to National student survey (NSS) 2017 as well as the top modern university in London for employment, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)-July 2017.
UWL boasts over 150 years of excellence in teaching and professional education.
MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology
The MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology programme provides the academic pathway for a student to embark on a career in clinical or health psychology as the programme aims at providing theory and skills that are central to psychology in the areas of Clinical and health psychology.
This qualification can be enhanced by following a PhD in Psychology, a Psy.D. or professional training (subject to the regulations of the specific country).
Entry Criteria

=  Applicants with Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology from recognized universities

=  Candidates with related bachelor’s degrees from Sociology or Sciences
Duration: 1 year
Lectures: Weekday evening and Weekends
Course Content :
=  Biopsychosocial Issues in Health Psychology (20 credits)

=  Advanced Psychopathology (20 credits)

=  Advanced Research Methods 1 (20 credits)

= Practice and Professional Issues in Clinical & Health Psychology (20 credits)

= Clinical Assessment and Treatment Approaches (20 credits)

= Advanced Research methods 2 (20 credits)

= Supervised Research Project (60 credits
Assessment Methods:     Assignments, Examinations, Individual and Group Assessments and Class Discussions Dr Mojgan Shadbash, Academic Head of Psychology degree programs, is happy to have helped hundreds of ANC students embark on various careers in psychology. She also added,
“The very fact that a number of ANC graduates have opted to complete their Master’s also at ANC could be traced to the high standards we have maintained in our degree programs.”
Nilushika Perera, an ANC alumna preparing to pursue her research studies in Behavioral Health, has a lot of nice things to say about her experience at ANC: “My stay at ANC was the best four years of my life… ANC’s faculty encouraged us to challenge existing concepts critically.
We could apply all these international concepts to Sri Lanka and learn where the strengths and limitations were in fostering change. It was invaluable…
ANC allowed us to launch our initiatives and take it forward to the best of our ability…”
Call 0777 66 22 11 for Undergraduate Enrollments & 0777 23 70 77 for Postgraduate Enrollments.

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