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Think Pre-Medicine and Medical College this year

Are you an Innovative person who wants to be ahead of your peers in your career? Do you want to enter Medical School this year itself? Then you should read this.
After O/L Pre-Medicine with embedded London A/Levels
The students who have completed Local or London O/Level and want to move into specialized stream such as medicine have a certain pathway along with those who have already completed Local or London A/Level but not having sufficient results to enter their preferred medical schools.
Parallel coaching will be provided for the students who wish to practice in Sri Lanka to sit for the London A/Level examination to meet the minimum entry criteria defined by SLMC to enter foreign medical schools. (At least two credit passes and an ordinary pass in Local or London A/Levels in subjects Biology, chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.) On top of that after completing a medical degree in one of the SLMC approved university all students must get through the ERPM examination to practice medicine in Sri Lanka.
International Medical Campus (IMC) Pre Medical Foundation Program which gives a comprehensive preparation for your medical degree and assures excellent results in London A/Level is your choice.
International Medical Foundation (IMF) at IMC (International Medical Campus) this gives students in these situations another chance to get into medical schools. IMC is the international learning center of Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus, Eastern Europe. IMC offers the same internationally recognized Medical Foundation program offered at Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) which is listed by world leading medical regulatory authorities such as medical councils of USA, Canada, Australia & UK.
Melaka Manipal Medical College- India/Malaysia – Foundation in Science (FIS)
Pre-med Foundation Program at the International medical Campus.
International Medical Campus (IMC) is an exclusive learning center in Sri Lanka and Maldives by Melaka-Manipal Medical College (MMMC) India/Malaysia to conduct their Foundation in Science (FIS) Program and its related exams and interviews.
This program caters to the academic preparation of students in pre-medical and clinical sciences to achieve the eligibility level required for admission to the MMMC and successfully embark on undergraduate medical studies. The programs consist of teaching the base subjects: Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics, Psychology and Academic English, conducted by an experienced panel of lecturers under the supervision of the respective Medical College / University.
Therefore it is obvious that the IMC is not just an Agent but an exclusive Learning Center of the MMMC-India / Malaysia. Students planning to pursue medical studies overseas are invited to consider IMC for assured admission to MBBS of their choice. Apart for the university admission services IMC provides a host of other services which includes visa application assistance, pre departure services, student welfare services and training programs which prepares medical graduates for Sri Lanka, USA & UK medical licensing exams.
IMC is an ideal choice for the students after O/Levels, those currently reading for the A/levels or the students who have not achieved the SLMC or the university A/level requirement. These robust curriculums have been designed to ensure that the students reach necessary competency levels including the A/Level examination preparation, revision with pass paper question banks, model papers, lab work done by experienced A/Level tutors. This will ensure that the students will achieve the minimum A/Level eligibility criteria stipulated by the SLMC and the respective universities.
Foundation in Science (FIS) is a Pre- Med Foundation Program with London A/L training embedded. With the Manipal Foundation in Science, aspiring students don’t have to follow traditional route of completing A/L in two years to start the medical studies. The students is able to start the FIS Program soon after O/L or whilst following A/L. This would enable aspiring students to complete both the foundation & London A/L within one year. This also will assure that the students fulfill the requirement of SLMC to entre foreign Medical Schools. Upon successful completion of FIS program with excellent A/Level results, students are eligible for a scholarship of USD 25,000 when they are entering to the MBBS program. FIS program is also the most accessible pathway to world class Manipal university MBBS program.
About the International Medical Campus
IMC (International Medical Campus), the leading provider of medical education pathways in Sri Lanka provides multiple opportunities for students to further their studies in the field of medicine. Students gain necessary pre-qualifications, skills and competencies in pre-clinical and clinical to continue their medical education overseas. IMC provides opportunities for students to further their medical education in the world’s leading destinations.
For more info: Intake is now on. For more information and admissions please call 0774 410 782/0774 436 796 or IMC Kandy on 0777 230 033. You can visit International Medical Campus (IMC), the official International Learning Center of Vitebsk State Medical University at No 7, Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mawatha, Colombo 6 by calling us and making a prior appointment with our counselors.

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