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AIC Campus- American University Transfer Program with California State University

AIC Campus a leading transnational education provider in the Island partnered with one of the best Universities in United States, California State University, Sacramento to offer affordable and quality American Higher education opportunities to Sri Lankan Students. With AIC American University Transfer Program Students will study two years in Sri Lanka and Transfer to USA to complete the degree which will help parents and students to save over 50% of the cost of studying in US for over 4 years.
AIC American Transfer program will offer first two years of General Education subjects locally and provide the students the opportunity to transfer to their specialisation in Engineering, Science, Computer Science, Business and Liberal Arts.
United States of America has the world’s finest higher education system which offers students a rich learning experience with over 4,500 accredited world-class universities and globally recognized outstanding degree programs in virtually all fields ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Business Studies and from Art to Zoology – giving everyone access to education in a field of their choice with great amount of flexibility.
Flexibility is the key to the success in the US Higher education where undergraduates are given options to learn with much flexibility in Major areas of study, Dual degrees and Minors etc. Cutting-edge technology, research, innovation and global focus are also a plus point in the US system where no other country can match. As a testimony to the grandeur of its learning institutes, at least 6 to 7 US universities are seen among the top 10 world universities dominating world university rankings every year. The US is the home to over 150 universities in the QS World University Rankings and remains the world’s leading destination for international students.
Apart from its global education standing, America is known for its Well-known Corporates that have increasingly become a strong presence in the global marketplace. Among Fortune 500 Global companies, at least 127 companies are American.
These companies often look to hire employees who not only have multi-cultural backgrounds and language skills, but also those who can help communicate, negotiate and conduct business across different cultures. In recent years, international companies have become much more proactive in recruiting from the pool of strong international student graduates that the US has produced.
Adaptability, experience and knowledge beyond their field of study that international students acquire through US education, especially owing to its practical component, make these graduates more attractive for employers worldwide.
United States can boast about their well-planned and well-funded research facilities which account for around 80% research among the world is known to be conducted and funded by various universities and companies in the US.
This provides students the opportunity to get involved with exclusive research and educational opportunities. The US has also produced a high number of noble laureates which is another testimony to the excellence of education that it offers to shape the young minds to achieve greatness in life. It is a forgone conclusion that United States of American is by far the most popular destination for overseas students and close to 1 million international students chooses the USA as their destination of education and close to 3000 Sri Lankan students also choose the USA as their destination of higher education in 2015-16.
The US, also known for its fantastic destinations, makes it all the more different for students to study and live in the USA with memorable education and life experience and exposure, shaping them to become well-rounded individuals.
Whichever the US state you choose as your education destination, the diversity of the people will surprise you – and you will find a wide range of cultural, leisure and sports activities to match your interests. May it be hiking, biking, boating, camping, leisure sports, extreme sports, visiting art galleries, music festivals or food festivals, the US caters to a huge array of students’ interests that add your life some flavour to make your stay in the US an exceptional one.
AIC Campus American University Transfer program provides entry options for both O/Level and A/Level students and give students end-to-end services. A smooth transfer to USA upon completion of their first two years of study is assured.
Students, who make the wise choice to follow US higher education options at AIC Campus the most reliable US education partner in Sri Lankan, are sure to be benefited in numerous ways.
AIC Campus will surpass your own expectations to perform well above the others in today’s competitive global job market.
For more information and enrolments for the October intake, please contact 0766 759 669/0779 779 776 or AIC Kandy on 0777 230 033/0777 230 022.

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