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Your Pathway to World’s Top 100 University Degree

Within just two years of operation, Universal College Lanka (UCL) is renowned for producing top students in international education. Situated in a scenic location in Rajagiriya, overlooking the beautiful Diyawanna Lake, UCL is recognized as one of the best emerging tertiary institutes in Sri Lanka exclusively providing Monash University degree pathways.
Our academic performance in the last four semesters (since commencement) produced 16 World-Toppers(Global Award of Excellence)– a testament to the academic quality and the student support UCL continues to offer.
A Monash College Diploma Part 2 program is a special program that provides students with a direct pathway into the second year at Monash University Australia or Malaysia. UCL is the exclusive partner in Sri Lanka for Monash College, Australia offering the Monash College Diplomas leading to Monash University courses in Business, Engineering and Information Technology.
During the Monash College Diploma Part 2, students study the same curriculum and undergo assessments as first year university students at Monash University, and upon successfully completing the Monash College Diploma Part 2 and meeting faculty entry requirements, students will be accepted for entry into second year of a relevant Monash degree in Australia or Malaysia.
This week Sahan Dissanayake, World Prize Winner for ‘Chemistry 1’ shared his thoughts and experience of his UCL life. He was a past student at D.S. Senanayake College and is currently following the Monash College Diploma of Engineering at UCL. Following are excerpts of the interview;
1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (about your family, your school life)
My name is Sahan Dissanayake. I completed my primary and secondary studies at D.S.Senanayake College in Colombo. I’m the eldest of three children and have two younger sisters. I completed my ALs in August 2016 and achieved1A and 2Bs. At school, I was a member of the Aeronautical Society, Quiz Society, Olympiad Society, SasnakaSansadaya and Secretary of the Meththa House Committee for the 2015 sports meet as well as a student volunteer. In sports, I’ve completed my training up to a brown belt in Karate.

2. What is the field you chose for your higher education? And what led you to choose that field?
I chose the field of Engineering to pursue my higher education. My interests lie in the designingaspect of engineering.
Therefore, I started the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Monash University. I feel this was the right choice as the skills of a mechanical engineer are needed in a variety of industries.

3. What are your goals in life and how are you preparing yourself to achieve them?
My ultimate goal is to design machines that’ll travel into space. Therefore, after completing my Mechanical Engineering degree I hope to pursue a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

4. What made you select Australia or Malaysia for your Higher Education?
I chose to go to Australia for my higher education as I have many friends and family residing there and alsobecause Melbourne is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world.

5. Why did you choose Monash University to do your higher studies?
Monash University is considered one of the best if not the best university in Australia for engineering and has been ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. Its prestige lends to students having better employability once they graduate.
6. Why did you select UCL to start your academic journey?
UCL provided me with an option to complete my first year of university in Sri Lanka and a way to adjust to the educational methods of the Australian system before going to Australia to complete my degree.

7. How would you describe your experience at UCL? (any significant achievements?)
My experience at UCL has been very positive. The lecturers are friendly and easy to approach, the staff are very nice and helpful and the senior students were always happy to help us out.

8. Would you recommend UCL to anyone else who wish to start his/her Monash degree in Sri Lanka?
Definitely. UCL is a great place to start your higher education.
As parents aspiring to provide the best higher education for their children, it’s always great to obtain feedback and perspectives from other parents who have enrolled their children into a higher education provider. We understand that an investment into higher education is one of a lifetime that should provide high returns for their children hence, we had the privilege of interviewing Sahan’s parents and the following are excerpts of the interview;

1. What advice do you wish to give as a parent to parents who are on the lookout for higher education opportunities for their children?
We need to discuss with our children their preferences in career choices. We must always guide our children to follow the career that they love to do. Only then will they excel in their studies and be happy.

2. What made you choose to start in Sri Lanka and proceed to Australia/ Malaysia?
We wanted our son to start the first year here so that he could slowly adjust to university life understanding what a basic degree demands.

3. As a parent are you satisfied with the facilities provided at UCL?
We are very satisfied with the education level as we see that UCL has a very dedicated team of staff. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

4. Why will you recommend UCL to anyone wanting to pursue an Australian Degree?
Yes, we will recommend UCL to anyone as it will help the student to finish their first year of studies close to home.
UCL invites you to experience a well rewarding university life right here in Sri Lanka. With its excellent panel of lecturers and facilities, UCL is the ideal place to start your Monash dream. Join us, for a refined academic career with an exceptional learning experience at an affordable price.
Write to UCL on [email protected] or contact us on 0774 777 000 for further information. You are invited to visit us at UCL #503, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha Sri Jayewardenepura.

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