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Explore Your Degree Options After A/Levels

A/Level is clearly not your ultimate academic venture. If you wish to land on a solid well-paying job, you most definitely need a recognized university degree in your chosen field – which is a stepping stone to reach your career goals. Yet many students after A/Levels are perplexed as to what degree options they should choose or as to who they should choose as their education partner, either to have a successful career or to quench their thirst for knowledge. Choosing the right degree program and the right education partner makes all the difference if you are to have an edge over other graduates as you enter the job market upon graduation.
With the vision to give you access to quality international education, at ANC Education, we offer you a multitude of avenues to obtain a world class US degree that is recognized globally. We give our students a huge range of options in terms of degree programs, creating numerous pathways to save money and time in the degree attainment process.
= We give our students attractive scholarships up to US$ 2,700 with your O/Level , A/Level results and extracurricular activities under the ANC US University Transfer Program or US Degree Completion Program
= We provide you a psychometric test and necessary counselling to help you find your passions and unleash your full potential
= We offer you career guidance to help you determine the best suitable degree program that match your career interests and capabilities
= We help you enter your desired degree program in well-recognized US universities
= We successfully transfer our students to their chosen programs in their desired destinations
= We offer US degree completion programs in Sri Lanka where you can obtain a US university degree right here in Sri Lanka
= We also help you find options to finance your higher education
Under our US Degree Completion Program and US University Program, students do not only have a variety of subject choices with attractive majors and minors but are also entitled to merit based scholarships, which will help you fund your education without financial stress. At ANC, we also provide free IELTS/SAT/IT programs and free university and US VISA application assistance to students who wish to transfer to universities in the US.
Students who opt to follow our US University Transfer Program has the option to study up to two to three years of their degree at ANC in Sri Lanka and transfer to their chosen university in the USA to complete the degree – which will save both money and time while giving you the chance to receive a life changing experience in the US. Over fifteen years, ANC has carried out a successful operation by transferring more than 1500 students to over 120 fabulous universities in the US while maintaining a track record of 99.9 % Visa acceptance.
Under ANC US Transfer Program:
= You can choose from approximately 4,500 accredited universities and colleges in the US
= We give access to all top 200 universities in the USA
= You have a choice of over 500 unmatched globally recognized Bachelor Degree Programs – including exciting cutting edge majors
= ANC assures transfer of a minimum 60 credits to ANC partner universities
= We give entry options for both O/Level and A/Level students with the required SAT score
= We find you scholarships available through ANC partner universities
Currently, California, New York and Texas are recognized as the most three popular destination in the US for international students – and ANC works on exclusive partnerships with many universities in these three states, allowing local students to transfer to many reputable universities in the US.
Under the ANC Degree Completion Program, students can receive internationally recognized US business degrees here in Sri Lanka from Northwood University (NU) which is a specialized business university in the US.
Under (NU) ANC Degree Completion Program:
= You can complete the entire US degree in Sri Lanka
= You can receive your degree qualification from Northwood University, the “Best Value Business School” in the US with Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)
= You save up to 70% of the cost of studying the same degree in the US
= You can choose from a wide range of business degrees
= You secure internship opportunities with the Guaranteed Paid Student Internship (GPSI) program at blue chip companies while still studying
= You can be entitled to ANC merit based scholarships
At this important juncture of your life, you can rely on us to help you make an informed decision by providing you the best higher education options as you are tossing and turning your head to decide what’s best for your future.
Call 0777 83 33 30 or visit No. 308, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3 for more information.

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