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Sacramento State University Degree Programs

Engineering and Computer Science
• BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• BS in Mechanical Engineering
• BS in Civil Engineering
• BS in Computer Engineering
• BS in Computer Science
Natural Sciences and Mathematics –
Biological Sciences
• BS in Bio – Medical Science
• Concentrations
• Bio – Medical Sciences
• Microbiology
• Cell and Molecular Biology
• Forensic Sciences
Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Chemistry
• BS in Chemistry
• BS in Bio Chemistry
Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Physical Sciences
• BS in Physics
• BS in Applied Physics
• BS in Astronomy
Natural Sciences and Mathematics –
Mathematics and Statistics
• BS in Mathematics
• BS in Pure Mathematics
• Applied Mathematics
• Statistics
College of Arts
• BA in Photography and Interior Design
• BS in Graphic Design and Statistics
Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
• BA in Psychology
• BA in Economics

Benefits of AIC American University
Transfer Program
Unleash your full potential with an American University degree through AIC Campus American University Transfer program.
• First two years of study in Sri Lanka with a PhD and Masters qualified panel of lectures with industry experience.
• Assured Credit Transfer to California State University Sacramento State to continue and complete the degree in their chosen field of study.
• Students will have the opportunity to start the first year of their American Degree after O/Levels or after A/Levels with pending results. (For US Higher Education Foundation programs are not required)
• Save over 60% of the cost of studying in USA for four years by completing the first two years at AIC Campus
• Scholarships up to 50% on merit*
• Easy Payment Plans
• Study Loans through leading Banks in Sri Lanka
First two years of study at AIC Campus students will learn the General Education Subjects. At the time of transfer to a US university Students will have the flexibility to decide on the major area of study what they prefer.
Admissions for the September intake of American University Transfer program is now on. For more information and enrolments please call AIC Campus Colombo 0774 402 915/0779 779 776 or AIC Campus Kandy 0777 230 033

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