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New Beginning – Endless Opportunities in 200 Universities Worldwide

AIC Campus is a division of IMC-AIC Education Consortium, a leading education conglomerate in Sri Lanka, was established to fulfill the growing demand for overseas university education through high quality and affordable university education. AIC Campus provides a comprehensive suite of university education programs and professional services to meet the needs of the students for higher education options after O/Level and A/Level.
AIC Campus Global Business Transfer Program – GBT – New Beginning, Endless Opportunities
AIC Campus offers the first and only global business degree transfer program in Sri Lanka. Since the inception of Private higher education in the country two decades ago various institutions provide students either to complete an entire degree in Business Management in Sri Lanka or study for one or two years and transfer to their partner university in a specific country to complete the degree.
What was lacking in the private higher education in Sri Lanka was the opportunity for Sri Lankan students to enter a major league business school/university in major study destinations. AIC Campus provide the best option to study for first year or two and transfer to top universities in USA, Australia, Canada UK and France.

Why AIC Global Transfer
• Study first two years at AIC Campus
• Core Subjects and Electives that will help students to select many major areas of study once transferred to a foreign university.
• Select the country and the university based on the student and parent’s budget.
• Assured Credit Transfer to over 200 universities in all major study destinations.
• Cost savings of over 60% of studying the entire program in an overseas country
• Scholarships and study grants from partner universities
• Study loan facilities through major banks in Sri Lanka
• Installment payment plans as low as Rs. 30,000/- per month

Business Management degrees have evolved over a period of time and have become highly specialized due to globalization and demand by industry specific job opportunities. With this in mind AIC Campus carefully selected modules for the first two years of study to enable local students to explore and learn new areas instead of traditional basic BBA Degree.
Major Areas of Study that students can specialize in Overseas Universities are
• Business Management
o Business Administration and Management
o Business Economics
o Global Business
o Sports Business
o Social Innovation and Sustainable Business
o Entrepreneurship
o Health Care Management
o Business Communications
o Human Resources Management

• Marketing
o Marketing Management
o International Marketing
o Consumer Behavior/Consumer insights
o Public Relations and Media

• Finance
o Financial Management
o Accounting
o Portfolio Management
o Value Investing
o Financial Engineering
o Global Finance and Business Economics
o Alternative investments

• Digital Media and Technology
• Information Management Systems

Graduates with the right major and the qualification can look forward for lucrative career in fields that are new and in demand in major economies in the world and also in Sri Lanka
Some of the career opportunities available for Business Graduates are as follows

• Business Unit Managers
• Business Analyst
• Corporate investment banker
• Management consultant
• Investment Officer/Chief Investment Officer
• Data Analyst
• Sales Manager
• Marketing Manager/Chief Marketing Officer
• Social Media Manager
• Administration Manager
• Stock/Commodity Brokers/Investment Advisors
• Company Directors
Credit Transfer assured for over 200 Universities in Major Study Destinations
• United State of America
• Canada
• United Kingdom
• Australia
• France
• Germany
• Russia
• Malaysia

Enrolments for the July intake are now on. If you are with Local or London O/Level join the IAC Foundation in Business and continue your university first year and second year at AIC Campus and Transfer to a university of choice.
Students who have completed London A/Levels can apply with pending results to join the first year university studies.
For more information please call 0774 409240 or 0766 759 669 or AIC Campus Kandy on 0777 230 033 or visit our website

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