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Horizon Campus offers career paths towards Human Capital and Human Resources

Human Capital Management is viewed as a comprehensive “people strategy” that is integrated with the strategic management of the organization and takes a “people as a strategic asset” approach to business. In other words, people or employees are considered as the most important capital element of business organisation. Performance measurement, efficiency, engagement and the creation of value for the organization are the main focus areas of this concept. Horizon Campus approach to teaching business management blends well with the Human Capital Management concept. Horizon Campus views its students not just as customers but as assets of the nation that must nurtured and developed.
Similarly, Human Capital Management views people and people development expenditures as “investments” in human capital rather than “costs.” Thus, Human Capital Management approach sees employees as “capital assets” of the organization, much like plant and equipment. While this may sound rather cold and impersonal to some people, in many respects it is just the opposite. It actually relates to, and gives the true meaning of the frequently repeated corporate mantra that “our people are our greatest asset.” The main premise of Human Capital concept is that people are the greatest asset and they should be managed as a strategic asset that contributes to the value creation.
At Horizon Campus, the nation’s most recognised university campus, we offer a four year honours degree which allows students to specialise in Human Resources. Our approach is a practice orientated approach where we expect the student to not just learn human resources management theory but we also train them in using that theory knowledge to build an implementable management toolkit which will help them to practice Human Capital Management. Horizon HR undergraduates would also take a gamut of other management subjects including finance, marketing, operations management, business mathematics and statistics which allows them to get a thorough grounding in all areas of business management.
Modern corporate world have begun to embrace the Human Capital concept and view their employees as a serious investment. They are increasingly willing to spend a considerable amount of management time and organisational money on seeking out, attracting, training, keeping and effectively deploying best human assets they can find. As such it is important for graduates of Human Resources discipline to have an excellent understanding in all aspects of managing a business organisation so that they can truly appreciate how people in an organisation can create and capture value. This is where the Horizon Campus undergraduate degree rises above the rest. It is a four year, full time business degree with the final year dedicated to developing specialist skills in Human Resources and Human Capital Management.
Therefore, Horizon Campus HRM graduate is not a mere specialist in HR, but is someone who has developed the knowledge, aptitude and specific skill sets needed to be a fully fledged business executive. The philosophy of Horizon Campus is attuned to the vision of our founder, Mr. UpulDaranagama, the visionary entrepreneur behind Horizon Campus and the Horizon Group. Our philosophy, as outlined by Mr. Daranagama is not just to produce employable graduates, but to mold ethical minded young professionals who can thrive in the hyper competitive corporate world.
With this vision in mind, Horizon Campus focuses in training our undergraduates to learn how to create value. Value is created when innovations that solve customer problems are designed and implemented. Groundbreaking, patentable, paradigm shifting innovations are certainly a boon to any employer, but they are hard to come by. However, in many organisations, above average value is created by simple innovations created by committed, observant employees. For an example, a seemingly insignificant innovation that reduces the time customers have to wait to be served by just a few minutes would boost not only customer satisfaction, but also the cumulative productivity of the customer service employees. Therefore, what makes the real difference in many firms are a number of incremental innovations such as above, created and implemented by committed, dedicated employees and allows a corporation to break forward and leave their competitors in the rear-view mirror.
In order to deliver capable, driven and knowledgeable graduates who can create practical innovations to the corporate world, Horizon Campus undergraduate management programmes give the opportunity for a student to receive a six month internship during the third year of their four year honours management degree.
This unique arrangement allows students to experience the corporate world for six months as full time employees and then return to campus to complete their specialisation in Human Resources Management. Our interns would be assigned to Human Resources departments of carefully selected corporations and would be tasked with assisting the Human Resources Managers of these organisations.
With this unique programme structure, undergraduates of Horizon Campus receives real world exposure, working under practicing managers their compatriots in other programmes would not receive.
More information about Horizon Campus management degree programmes can be obtained at contact; 071 3159159

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