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Choose the correct degree to become the best of the best

KIU is a rapidly growing higher education institute which is equipped with qualified lecturer panel, modern laboratories, library facilities including e – library, faculties and departments which represent a wide array of academic and professional fields, and more importantly individual focus through modern teaching techniques. Our vision is “to be the conduit in higher education and professional development of the highest quality appropriate to global needs”. In order to achieve this vision, KIU has undertaken to develop multi – talented graduates under the best and qualified lecturers.
Faculty of Management of KIU offers University Grant Commission recognized and Ministry of Higher Education approved Bachelor of Management Honours in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Management Honours in Marketing, Bachelor of Management Honours in Accounting degrees thus opening doors for students to achieve their life goals.
With the globalization, and rapid development in technology, organizations face new challenges. Employees are the most important source to get a competitive advantage which assist to survive and strive for success. Even though many organizations boast that “They value their employees” and add that to their value systems, still there is a question whether organizations walk and talk. Human Resource Management has a significant value as the performance of any organization depends on the employees. High level of employee turnover results in low productivity. Proper human resource management has a direct impact on profitability of the organization. As a vital factor for success in business every manager need to have good human resource skills. Understanding the value and the demand of human resource management, KIU offers Bachelor of Management Honours in Human Resource Management degree armed with a strong curriculum which match the current needs in the human resource field.
Marketing is always an essential function in any organization as it directly contributes in success of a business. As long as businesses exist, marketing will remain in the world. Hence marketing covers a wide array of career paths. A student who obtains a marketing degree has many job opportunities. They can work in any industry because marketing is a crucial part of any business plan. As an aspiring students of KIU, you can obtain skills and theoretical as well as practical knowledge about marketing. You will gain knowledge on how to analyze competitors, consumer buying patterns and attitudes, and learn about facts which need to make a brand successful. Jobs with high salary is another advantage in the marketing field. Bachelor of Management Honours in Marketing degree in KIU is developed to create talented marketers who will be recognized as social assets in the world.
Bachelor of Management Honours in Accounting degree is designed for the students who are willing to become employees in the accounting field with a strong accounting knowledge. Most people use accounting in their day to day work and in personal lifeinvestment decisions or when studying financial statements. Therefore, accounting is considered as one of the basic framework of business. In the modern business world, regardless of designation, every person should have general knowledge on accounting. Further, as long as money is there, world need accountants. As accounting applies for many job specialties, there are plenty of job opportunities for applicants who have the appropriate knowledge and skills.
Time has come to choose thecorrect degree to become the best of the best.

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