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ANC Continues to Help Local Students Qualify for a Career in Psychology and Enhance their Marketability

According to the World Health Organization, globally, there is a huge inadequacy of human resources for mental health. Shortages of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists and social workers are among the main barriers to providing treatment and care, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Low-income countries have 0.05 psychiatrists and 0.42 nurses per 100 000 people. This indicates the high demand for qualified professionals in the field of psychology worldwide.
ANC has always recognized the importance of giving local students access to psychology education which is a lucrative field of study that was once limited to the West. Lifting such boundaries, ANC has renewed its partnership with top accredited universities in US with the aim to produce more psychology professionals.
= has 10 years experience in delivering top US psychology degree programs in Sri Lanka
= allows students to complete a US undergraduate degree in psychology entirely in Sri Lanka, without the need to fly all the way to America
= has a well-qualified and professional academic panel, fully mastered in delivering US psychology curriculum in Sri Lanka
= sets facilities on par with international standards
= gives students access to thousands of popular psychology journals and articles in addition to over 8000 volumes in the physical library
= saves 70% of the cost of studying the same degree in the US
= offers merit based scholarships
= provides psychology graduates direct access to MA/MSc in Psychology at some of the top accredited universities in the USA

ANC has successfully transferred over 1,000 students to world-class US universities such as Purdue University, Boston University, the California Institute of Technology, California Polytechnic State University, Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, Texas A&M University. Many of our psychology graduates have also been able to easily secure places for their Masters, DPsych and PhD in prestigious international universities such as University of Melbourne, Nottingham University, Cambridge University and Harvard University of Colombia – becoming game changers in the field.
At ANC, students have more freedom and flexibility compared to local universities when selecting the subject specializations. Being well attuned to global trends, we cater to the popular demands of students and offer degrees that are of high relevance to today’s world.

BA in Psychology at ANC
= BA in Criminal Justice/Psychology
= BA in Early Childhood Education/Psychology
= BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

We understand the large number of opportunities available for psychology graduates in the fields of corporate consultancy, human resource development, management, social services, family consultancy, educational counseling, social research and other governmental and non-governmental organizations. These areas, especially in Sri Lanka, experience a huge setback due to sheer lack of degree qualified psychologists and professionals employed in these areas. ANC aims to close such gaps in the job market while giving students the best chance to land solid well-paying jobs in a futuristic field.

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