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Management & Science University (MSU) is a premier university in Malaysia and is amongst the top institutions in South East Asia. It offers specialised programmes at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels in the areas of business, management, medicine, health sciences, information sciences, engineering, education and hospitality.
With a track record of proven excellence, that has established it as a ‘Global University of Choice’, the Management & Science University is the ideal choice to enhance your academic track record with a Ph.D. A doctorate is a significant value addition to your academic portfolio, and its value depends – to a great extent, on the recognition of the university. Having been recognized by more than forty universities worldwide, MSU can give you the ultimate higher education experience with the required global recognition.
The award-winning home-grown study programmes of the University meet stringent standards set by both local and international bodies. Accreditors include the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), the United Kingdom’s Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC), and Japan’s Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow (ABEST21).
MSU was also accorded “Excellent Status University” twice on the national university-rating system SETARA and The Most Entrepreneurial Private University 2016 by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. In recent recognition, MSU was awarded the BrandLaureate Best Brand in Education for Leadership and Human Capital Development 2017. In an international rating exercise undertaken by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), MSU received Five Star ratings for Teaching, Employability, Facilities, Social Responsibility and Inclusiveness.
The MSU PhD programmes
A PhD is the highest degree awarded by MSU. It signifies the highest pinnacle of academic and professional standing. Doctoral training involves close working relationships with leading faculty members on projects of key interest; industrial and scientific focus. With advanced facilities and technical support, MSU provides an excellent academic climate for post graduate engagements with faculty members. MSU faculty members are highly active in top level research, with leading projects in a wide range of areas and interests, requiring innovative approaches that push the boundaries of interdisciplinary research.
Highly competitive and designed to cater to the gaps in the market, the MSU PhD programme prides itself on its superior quality. The program is entirely research based, and the doctorate will be awarded on the successful completion of a thesis – by MSU Malaysia. Students will be examined by assessment of the thesis and the research on what it is based. The PhD programmes also require a viva voice.
PhD Candidates must demonstrate the ability to carry out an independent research, and require a recognized Bachelor’s and Master’s degree that is approved by the senate of MSU to enter into this prestigious program.
MSU Malaysia offers the following PhD programmes:
Management/ Business,
Accounting/ Finance
Computer Science
Information and Communication Technology
Food Service Technology
Applied Science
Why a PhD at MSU?
Boasting an employability rate of 98% within 6 months of graduation, all MSU programmes are specifically designed to cater to industry requirements and maintains their relevance to the market. MSU also takes the extra step to ensure that students are equipped with the required soft skills and competencies in addition to academic excellence. Providing an educational experience that incorporates theory with the required external exposure, MSU’s commitment is not just to create qualified individuals but employable individuals.
MSU greatly contributes to the concept of Sri Lanka becoming an educational hub in the South Asian region through a vast spectrum of programs from Diploma to Degree to Postgraduate Studies to Masters, PhD’s and MBA.
For more information on MSU programmes or get in touch with our representatives at Management & Science Institute at No. 300 Galle Road, Colombo 03 or visit us at alternatively email us on [email protected] Tel: 011 257 6900/ 011 257 6700 Hot line 077 0777 880 / 072 4780711

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