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ANC opens new doors for students interested in Psychology career

There’s no substitute for quality and integrity, and college is a great investment-if you choose the right major. ANC Education, in collaboration with a number of accredited universities in the U.S., has created opportunities for O Level, AS, or A Level qualified Sri Lankan students to complete an American degree in Psychology at home and at a considerably lower cost. This is a unique experience for local students as it gives them a global perspective and practical experience – and develops a set of skills and knowledge required to turn their passion and talents into tools for their long-term success.
Psychology has been one of the most popular college majors as the knowledge and skills that one will develop as a Psychology major apply to a variety of careers. The B.A. in Psychology includes a choice of concentrations in Early Childhood Education, Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, and Criminal Justice.
Early Childhood Education
The Early Childhood Concentration in psychology focuses on the importance of learning and development of children in the first 6 years of life. Many psychology students are interested in working with and helping children and the B.A. in Psychology enables them to launch a career in teaching, school counseling, or childcare. These are exciting and rewarding career options available everywhere in the world, and ANC graduates have the edge over their peers, for they are the products a of world class education system.
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Industrial Psychology is the study of individual behavior in work settings. Psychology majors with interests in business are excellent matches for positions in human resource departments. It offers a solid background in communication skills, statistics, research methods, presentation skills, and human behavior. ANC students are also given the opportunity to take additional courses in communication, writing, accounting, etc. that will enhance their employability. This will enable students to be employed as administrative assistants and office managers as well.
Criminal Justice
The criminal Justice concentration is an application of psychology to the legal system. Bachelor’s level positions that incorporate the aspects of Psychology and Law include law enforcement positions such as police pr correctional officers, probation and parole officers, and juvenile detention workers, who are responsible for controlling human behavior. Psychology, with its focus on human behavior, is clearly essential to their success.
Undergraduate degree programs conducted at ANC offer opportunities for hands-on-experience to integrate one’s studies with periods of paid work. These internships enable students to have learning experiences that they’d never gain in a classroom setting, explore potential careers, network, and expand their professional horizons. Dr Mojgan Shadbash, the Head of Psychology programs at ANC, says that ANC students have been recognized at Missouri S&T for their academic achievements and awarded Dean’s list honors. In addition, “they gain not only theoretical knowledge but develop their personality and ethical values as professionals.” This is further reinforced whilst completing three month supervised internship program, attached to a number of health organizations in Sri Lanka or abroad.”
ANC’s reputation is built on an ethos of excellence. ANC students do not just walk away with a degree: they are equipped with the skills required to turn their passion into a lucrative career. As Dr Mojgan has mentioned, the B.A. in Psychology program seeks to promote a number of skills and abilities such as critical thinking and analytical skills, communication and presentation skills, information gathering, evaluation and synthesis skills, research methodology and statistical skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and adaptability.
The B.A. in Psychology can also ignite one’s interest in entering a grad school where they can further their education which in turn will boost their employment prospects. They can qualify for a career that requires specialized study, such as teaching in colleges, conducting research in academia and business, and engaging in a variety of consulting and applied roles. ANC has produced hundreds of Psychology graduates through its collaboration with renowned universities at the forefront of world class research in Psychology. Introducing MSc in Clinical & Health Psychology, in partnership with University of west London (UWL) is another step forward. This program commences in September, and it’s the first of its kind to be launched in the history of private education in Sri Lanka.

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