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AIC School of Engineering

Complete your Degree in Sri Lanka or Transfer to over 200 Universities in USA, Canada, Australia,UK and France
Since the inception of Private higher education in Sri Lanka in terms of foreign University degree offerings and later with the introduction of the transfer programs, Sri Lankan students and parents had mostly one option. Students who fail to qualify to enter Local State Universities had to join one of the private institutions and complete an HND combined top up Degree or Study in Sri Lanka for a year or two and transfer to a particular university in a particular country.
The one country one University transfer option has not given the flexibility students and parents would like to have in terms of qualification, Major area of study or even the cost of the program depending on the financial situation of the parents at the time of transfer
In terms of engineering degree completion Sri Lankan students who study engineering in non-state institutions did not have the opportunity to complete a four year state university degree right here in Sri Lanka.
AIC Campus School of Engineering was incepted with the vision to Provide Sri Lankan students and parentsthe solutions that they have been waiting for. After two decades of Private Higher Education aspiring young Engineers have the option to choosethe only Global Engineering transfer program in Sri Lanka that provide the much needed flexibility for students and their parents in terms of selecting and pursuing a career in a chosen field of engineering in a country of choice and university of choice and also the students who wish to complete their degree in Sri Lanka a four year Engineering degree from a State University in Europe..
Global Engineering Transfer (GET) Program
Global Engineering Transfer (GET) Program at AIC Campus allows students to start their engineering degree in Sri Lanka and to transfer to University of their choice after completing their first or second year of studies. The comprehensive common engineering subjects taught during the first two years prepares the students to have a common understanding of engineering studies and does not bind them to a particular major until the student is ready to transfer to his or her university of choice in a country where he or she prefers to study due to many reasons
Students will have the option to transfer to over 100 Universities in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and France once the first two years of studies in Sri Lanka. Students and parents can save over 50% of costs of studying overseas for a degree by completing first two years in Sri Lanka at AIC Campus.
Engineering Degree Completion Program
AIC Campus also offers the only four years European Engineering Degree offered by a State University in Europe.
Parents and students who collectively decide to stay in Sri Lanka and study will be able to join AIC Campus School of Engineering to complete a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Software Engineering.
This is an opportunity for Sri Lankan students to completethe entire four year engineering degree from a reputed European University right here in Sri Lanka. AIC Campus also provides paid internship opportunities in major companies from the third year onwards.
AIC Campus offers Scholarships up to 50%merit scholarships for students who enroll for the July Intake

For more information and enrolments Please call AIC Campus Colombo on 0768 268 163/0766 759 669 or AIC First Friends
Campus Kandy on 0777 230 033

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