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AIC Campus American University Transfer Program in collaboration with California State University, Sacramento State

American International Campus (AIC Campus) is one of the leading transnational higher education providers in the country was established under IMC/AIC Education consortium to provide total higher educational solutions to aspiring young students.
AIC Campus launched the American University Transfer program in collaboration with California State University, Sacramento State which is one of the top 100 universities in the United States.
California State University Sac State – Al World Class Education in a Vibrant Urban Oasis
Sacramento state (Sac state) is an outstanding and affordable comprehensive university located few miles away from the state capitol.
Class rooms, labs, administrative offices and other facilities are nestled in a 3,500 tree urban forest alongside the American river. In addition to the bustling university life, all that Sacramento has to offer is moments away.
With an exceptional faculty dedicated to student success, with one professor for every 27 students and an average of 34 students in each class room Sac state’s legacy is its proud alumni, who make up the heart of the region’s workforce and some of its finest leaders.
Why California State (Sacramento State) University as Academic Partner
= Founded in 1947 consist of 7 faculties offering 58 undergraduate majors.
= Sac State Construction Management Department has 100 percent job placement since 2011, and their graduates are managing major construction projects throughout the region – and beyond.
= Sac State’s CIMERA (Center for Interdisciplinary Molecular Education, Research and Advancement) is a state-of-the-art lab dedicated to cell and molecular biology, and biochemistry research and education.
= Sac State students consistently win top honors at CSUPERB, the CSU competition that matches them with faculty scholars to solve real-world biotechnology problems.
= The Capital Fellows Programs are consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top 10 internships
= Sac State is home for the nation’s second-largest Criminal Justice program.
= The University’s Honors Program provides highly motivated undergraduates with challenging and stimulating learning experiences in small class settings.

United States of America, the Destination of Choice for Higher Education
United States of America is the most popular destination of choice for students from all over the world, mainly due to the quality of their higher education system. Over one million overseas students enroll with American universities each year.
American Higher Education,
Best in the World
American Higher education system is by far the best in the world. Why it is ranked so high in the world and what are the strengths?
= Diversity – With over 4,000 Universities and accredited colleges US system provides so many learning options virtually that all students can study what they want in a way that works for them.
= Flexibility – The second great strength of the US Higher Education system continuous to put US universities at the top of almost every university ranking published. The reason is simple; US Universities can do what other universities can’t. Students, teachers and professors can work across disciplines.
= International Approach – Over a million international students enroll for US universities and colleges each year. International students bring new opinions to the classrooms, new experience to the campus and new ideas to the research conducted in labs nationwide.
= University Rankings – According to world university rankings 6 out of top 10 Universities are American and 14 out of top 20 and 32 out of top 50 Universities are American.
= Destination of choice – Highest number of overseas students prefer USA over all others study destinations. Over 1 million students enroll in US Universities each year.

United States of America Leading the world in Business, Innovation and Technology
United States of America is famous and well recognized globally for Technological innovation and brands. Their bold approach to their education and freedom to innovate has resulted in USA having 127 top companies among the fortune 500 companies.
USA is known for its excellence in technological innovations in many fields, from Automobiles, Aircraft Manufacturing, space exploration and medical sciences remain on top.
Benefits of AIC American University Transfer Program
Unleash your full potential with an American University degree through AIC Campus American University Transfer program.
= First two years of study in Sri Lanka with a PhD and Masters qualified panel of lectures with industry experience.
= Assured Credit Transfer to California State University Sacramento State to continue and complete the degree in their chosen field of study.
= Students will have the opportunity to start the first year of their American Degree after O/Levels or after A/Levels with pending results. (For US Higher Education Foundation programs are not required)
= Save over 60% of the cost of studying in USA for four years by completing the first two years at AIC Campus
= Scholarships up to 50% on merit*
= Easy Payment Plans
= Study Loans through leading Banks in Sri Lanka

Major Areas of Study
First two years of study at AIC Campus students will learn the General Education Subjects. At the time of transfer to a US university Students will have the flexibility to decide on the major area of study what they prefer.
Some of the major areas of study that students can transfer to US Universities are;
Engineering and Computer Science
Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Civil Engineering/Computer Engineering/ Computer Science
Business Administration
Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Biological Sciences
Chemistry/Bio Chemistry/Bio Medical Science/Microbiology/Cell and Molecular Biology/Forensic Sciences
Social Sciences
Admissions for the Fall intake of American Transfer program is now on.

For more information and enrolments please call AIC Campus Colombo 0766 759 669/0777 33 55 11 or AIC Campus Kandy 0777 230 033

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