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Internship Program in
Biotechnology utilizes the biological systems to promote the living status of mankind. It describes the use of flora, fauna, micro-organisms and biological processes to achieve development and advancement in a wide array of areas including agriculture, industry as well as medicine. At present, biotechnology has become a successful strategy in finding long lasting solutions which are environment friendly, accessible and affordable to the majority. Horizon Campus has successfully launched a Biotechnology Internship Program. The goal of the internship program is to create internships at biotechnology companies in industry and research sector in Sri Lanka. The post genomic era has enhanced the need for the graduates who have cross-disciplinary educations as well as an awareness and understanding of the commercial sector. This program will provide the quality of education and industrial experience that will be critical to the success of student’s career. Through this program, all the students will be able to fully integrate into top-ranked companies in Sri Lanka, and to use that biotechnology knowledge to drive the development and application of techniques across agriculture, medical and other industries. The internship program is committed to integrating biotechnology in an interdisciplinary environment towards sustainable development of the nation. The Faculty of Sciences at Horizon Campus, Malabe has been successfully conducting Diploma and B.Sc. Hons programs creating an exclusive pathway towards excellence in Biotechnology. Horizon has been a versatile centre for diverse groups to thrive towards success in higher education. This provides the ideal location to stimulate the intelligence of young minds towards innovative analysis of the wonders of science, appreciating the dynamics of nature as well. At the same time, the learning environment created at Horizon Campus permits students to cultivate, develop and promote their inborn skills and creativity complementing the development of well balanced personalities to meet the challenges of the future. Thewell-designed Diploma and B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology will definitely fulfill the dreams of youth to become world class professionals, skillful researchers and innovative scientists to serve the world. The major components of these programmes impart a rigorous theoretical and experimental understanding of the relevant subject, starting from basics leading to applications,exposing the novel discoveries of global researchers and scientists.
During the degree programme, students gain a classical education in the relevant field plus a perspective and experience of diverse applications that lays down a basis for an innovative, flexible and challenging career. Upon graduation, apportunities will be many for employment or further research in the forefront of these continuously evolving disciplines.
Career prospects
The multi-disciplinary character of biotechnology provides students with employment opportunities in a wide range including research and development, quality control, clinical research, manufacturing and production, regulatory affairs marketing and sales, information systems, education and administration. Biotechnology has produced dramatic economic gains for many countries. Thus, biotechnology industry is constantly growing during the past decade increasing the number of employees by more than 90 percent. If you are innovative and creative, enjoy science and technology, investigating and solving problems, and making useful products, a promising career in biotechnology will be always available for you. All programmes will be further strengthened by dveloping the skills in Management, English language, IT and data analysis and motivation of self confidence and team work which are vital for a successful career. Students will be trained to lead a well balanced, healthy and energetic life style through the participation in various sports.
Expanding the eligibility criteria, the pathway is designed in such a way to facilitate the enrolement of applicants of different categories finally directing them to earn prestigous qualifications. Affordable payment schemes pave the pathways, for ambitious students rather than restricting the opportunity of graduation, a luxury for a few.

Following this concept, Horizon Campus has set its fee structures. Furthermore, the Campus has also made available various easy payment schemes, pre agreed loan schemes with local banks as well as scholarships which can be earned during the degree programme.
Interested parties in the said field can obtain further information by visiting www.horizoncampus.edu.lk or by contact 0114 365 555, 0716 623 623,0716 613 613 or visit Horizon Campus at Malabe.

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