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Your Passport to a Global Career

Business dynamics have changed tremendously. Businesses are increasing operating globally due to open door policies in foreign investment that bring in more employment and career opportunities. Due to a high rate of economic growth more opportunities await the younger generation to obtain employment and have a shot at the international market. Multinationals mainly, seek for graduates with a sound academic knowledge and on-hand experience in International Business to make them part of their global operations.
At Universal College Lanka (UCL), we seek to provide for this opportunity by bringing to you an International Business degree from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) which enables graduates to become highly employable in the global business setting. The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), UK entered an exclusive partnership with Universal College Lanka (UCL), Sri Lanka to provide a completion degree programme to students in the region. UCLan rests comfortably within the UK’s top 10 modern universities. Currently securing a ranking of 67th (The Guardian University Guide 2018) as one of the most improved universities, it leaped 20 places up to its current position. An International Business Degree from UCLan enables students to gain exposure and be globally qualified right here in Sri Lanka.
A Degree in International Business Vs Business Management; What is the difference?
While a Business Management degree will teach to manage, plan, direct, control and organize a business/company, in International Business you will learn how to internationalize, manage, carefully study companies and markets, analyze if a product/service/company can enter a market and profit. Under Business Management you will have the tools to manage a team and make it successful on a national scale but a degree in International Business, you will be exposed to the economic, social and cultural influences of countries on business activity.
Does the completion option mean that this is an external degree?
BA (Hons) International Business is a fully internal degree where at the point of enrollment, UCLan students in Sri Lanka will receive a UCLan ID and comprehensive access to all UCLan resources (online) just as how an on-campus student at UCLan (UK) would. The only difference being the country of study. Our lecturers for all modules must coordinate with the respective coordinator lecturer in UCLan (UK) prior to conducting lectures and setting examinations, thereby ensuring the teaching and assessment is up to par with the syllabus and standards of UCLan (UK).
Why would employers choose a UCLan graduate overthe rest?
With over 125 International institutions, UCLan has a strong research body which is committed to ensuring that syllabuses are formulated and frequently updated to reflect the current global industry demands and standards that will enable UCLan Graduates to be better prepared to face global challenges.
The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), UK Employment Performance Indicator states that 93.9% of UCLan graduates are in employment or further study 6 months after graduating (source: only does a UCLan student receive comprehensive and industry-based knowledge, gather skills and tools but also on-hand work experience via the ‘Internship/Industrial Placement’ Year in their third year of the degree. The main objective of this Internship Year is to ensure that students gain hands-on experience from a variety of top companies in Sri Lanka, develop skills while further strengthening their resumes and importantly developing a career network that will bring them close to more opportunities in the future.
To what extend is UCL committed to ensure that any student is not left behind at lectures?
UCL is committed to ensuring that students receive a high return on their investment in higher education. Thereby, the maximum number of students per batch is limited as our classroom sizes are small. This is deliberately designed to ensure that all students receive individual attention, interaction, guidance and mentoring from our panel of highly qualified lecturers. This is also a requirement by UCLan due to it being among the top 20 universities in UK for small group-centered teaching.
This feature overcomes the problems of large classrooms in a typical college setting being similar to Tuition centers in Sri Lanka. Our panel of lecturers are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise; 50% of them being PhD holders from top global universitiesand the rest with at least one Postgraduate qualifications aspiring to become PhD holders.In June 2017, UCLan was awarded the Silver Award by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for delivering high quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its students while consistently exceeding rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education (source:
Are scholarships awarded and is it only for academic qualifications?
Scholarships/study grants up to 50% are offered for achievements in Academic, Leadership& Extra-curricular activities. We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art campus which overlooks the Diyawanna Lake, Rajagiriya to know more about the degree programmes along with the eligibility for scholarships. Youcan engagein a one-on-one session with our counsellors and lecturers who are looking forward to providing guidance and advise to assistyou to make your dream career a reality.
The first semester will commence from September 2017. Write to UCL at [email protected] or contact us on 077 411 0000 for further information and clarifications. You are invited to visit the UCL campus located at 503, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenapura.

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