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ANC Students Pursue their Dreams in America and Canada

ANC Education has facilitated thousands of local students to gain access to US education since its inception in 2002. U.S. and Canadian qualifications are globally recognized, and prestigious universities in the USA and Canada are equipped with cutting edge technology and blessed with the best teaching faculty. It is a world of opportunities available for students who opt for U.S. /Canada Transfer programs, for they can choose from nearly 500 undergraduate degrees in the following fields of study:
Engineering, Business, Education, IT, Medicine, Social Sciences/ Humanities
US education system, catering to current demands in today’s world, allows students to follow an undergraduate degree after O Levels as O Level is equivalent to a high school diploma in America: students can enter the first year (freshman year) in their degree program at a very young age of 17 and graduate by the age of 20 or 21. There are exemptions given to those who have passed A Level. ANC’s transfer programs allow students to complete up to two (2+2) or three (3+!) years of their degrees at ANC in Sri Lanka and transfer to their preferred universities in the USA or Canada to complete their degrees.
Why choose an American Degree?
• Top Universities in the World (According to The Times Higher Education, 7 out of 10 best universities in the world are American).
• Number One Destination for International Students for its good quality education
• Abundant Research opportunities
• America’s cosmopolitan culture provides a welcoming atmosphere for international students
• Proven Excellence in STEM Education (The most popular subjects among the international students in the U.S. are Business and Management, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science)
• on-campus work options (20hrs a week), and 12/ 36 month work visa after graduation
• Diversity (America is a melting pot of diverse cultures and people from all over the world; it gives both academic and life exposure to students).
Why choose a Canadian degree?
• High quality education (globally recognized qualifications equivalent to those obtained from the USA)
• Attractive destination for international students
• Possibilities for learning and leisure
• Multicultural society
• Career prospects (off campus work options for up to 20 hrs per week during the academic year and full time during scheduled breaks; 3 year work visa after graduation).
• Possibility for immigration (opportunity to apply for permanent residency, which leads to citizenship)

Why choose ANC Education?
• 15 years of Excellence in American Education (exclusive partnerships with Californian and New York State universities and many top universities in Texas such as A & M University of Texas)
• Over 200 study abroad agreements with US and Canadian universities
• Guidance given to choose programs based on students’ interests, skills, competencies, and future plans
• Transfer students guided step by step for a smooth transfer between colleges
• application services and student VISA assistance (ANC maintains a track record of 99.9 % visa acceptance)
• State of the art Facilities and the Best Faculty and Staff
• Learning Centre (free remedial classes/ one-on-one attention)
• Strong student support services
• Merit-based scholarships
• Links with Industry
• Extra-curricular Activities
• Summer courses for transfer students
• 100% guaranteed credit transfers to ANC’s partner universities
• free IELTS/SAT preparations

This unique opportunity is also expected to transfer the lives of students as they find a way to adjust, adapt, and flourish: they become stronger during this process, learn new, transferable life skills, and recognize their potential for leadership and success, which in turn would help them launch truly global careers with leading companies.
Contact 0777449955 or visit us at No. 308, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3 for more information.

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