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KIU : A Way Forward in Undergraduate Education

In Sri Lanka approximately 2,50,000 candidates sit for the AL examinations annually and approximately 150,000 qualify to enter the university. However, it is of concern that only approximately 25000 students are able to enter into an undergraduate program in state sector universities in Sri Lanka due to the limited vacancies.Further it isperturbing to note that many of the graduates find difficulty in securing suitable employment. Undergraduate unemployment is indeed a daunting problem in Sri Lanka during the last few decades.

KIU the degree awarding institute situated in Koswatte,Battaramulla was conceived as a solution to this issue by Dr Jagath Senevirathene with a vision to expand opportunities for undergraduate education, especially for students who do not gain entry to the State universities. KIUis an institute which is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Recognized by the University Grants Commission and is a non state sector degree awarding institute. At KIU students get an opportunity to gain a quality undergraduate degree in Sri Lanka at an affordable fee.
Job opportunities both locally and internationally are rising in new sectors in health science, IT and management. KIU gives the students an opportunity to study in English adding value to the degree and thus increasing employability in Sri Lanka as well as overseas . Further,students get adequate exposure and opportunity to develop their soft skills which is a current focus in the modern world of undergraduate education. At KIU with a view to offer a solution to the current needs in the employment market, popular streams such as Health Science , management and specialized streams such as Acupuncture are offered. The degrees that are offered at KIUcurrently are BSc. Hons in Biomedical Sciences, BSc. Hons in Nursing , BSc. Hons in Psycology and BSc. Hons in Management/ Human Resource/ Accounting .
In a nutshell Biomedical Science is the study of the structure and function of the human body in health and disease. A Biomedical undergraduate would essentially , require an understanding of anatomy, physiology, medical biochemistry, medical microbiology, pharmacology, molecular biology, clinical microbiology and immunology to name a few.Further KIU hope to offer a student exchange program “Sakura Science Project” in collaboration with Japan in the near future. The Job opportunities for a biomedical graduate range from ability to seek faculty positions at academic institutions to that of a senior scientist positions in industry or non profit organizations including private laboratories and their salary packages start from 50k and exceeds 100k with experience.
As an emerging field, psychology has created many career opportunities such as clinical psychologists,school psychologists, forensic psychologists, business psychologists, counselors, researchers, psychotherapists,and human resource officers to name a few;an individual who has studied psychology does not need to restrict himself in one aspect of psychology, rather he can always engage in several simultaneously;these career paths also provide attractive remuneration packages that starts from 50k.
In the field of marketing a degree holder who start as a marketing executive has the chance to proceed to be in the post of director marketing, whilst those who pursue the human resource (HR) avenue would start life as a junior HR executive to be able to function as Director HR. If one chooses the field of accounting the career pathway include management trainee to manager finance to the final top of a the range position as a financial controller. While following the degree programs students are entitled to join as a trainee in respective field in any corporate entity and salary starts from Rs. 25-30k , whilst when an executives they will get attractive packages starting from Rs. 50k in addition to the commissions that are specially applicable for marketing professionals.
At KIU we ensure that teaching and learning excellence by the quality of its staff, innovative teaching methods and curricula that provides flexibility with student-centered academic and professional training culture; extracurricular activities and sports, enabling one to have an enjoyable career path ahead.Unlimited opportunities are available to make your dream career a reality at KIU Battaramulla.

KIU, 249/1,Malabe Road, Thalangama Road, Koswatte, Battaramulla. 0112741878, Web: www.kiu.lkEmail:[email protected]

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