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You are Driven by Endless Possibilities; ANC helps You Explore Them!

ANC Education has built up an enviable reputation as the only local institution to expose Sri Lankan students to a world class education in collaboration with a number of renowned universities in the world. ANC graduates are lured into multinational companies and world class grad schools within less than three months of graduation, and those who are on transfer programs are accepted by top notch universities in America and Canada. What’s more, their achievements are as great as those of their American born peers. This is a testimony to ANC’s commitment to pursuit of excellence.
Currently, there are four undergraduate degree programs offered at ANC:
= U. S. Business Degree Completion (With Guaranteed Paid Student Internship opportunities)
= U.S. Psychology degree Completion
= 2+2 U.S. Transfer Program
= 1+3 Canada Transfer Program
= 3+1 U.S. Transfer Program
U.S. Business Degree Completion
ANC offers a range of American degree programs in areas of Business:
BBA Marketing / BBA Management
BBA International Business / BBA Finance BBA Entrepreneurship /
BBA Hospitality Management
BBA Management Information systems (MIS)
They are internal degree programs directly awarded by Northwood University, which ranks fourth in the USA for “Best Value Business School” (Based on PayScale’s Return on Investment (ROI) Report). Industry-specific curriculums of all these programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
US education focuses on the all-round skill development of young graduates with the objective of molding them into leaders of the tomorrow’s business world. In this light, ANC’s GPSI (Guaranteed Paid Student Internships) program ensures that many rewarding job opportunities await ANC graduates. As Northwood is offering their degree programs at international program centers without any localization, ANC students are exposed to the same standard of education as practiced in America, yet they save up to 70% of the cost of reading for the same degree in America.
U.S. Psychology Degree Completion
ANC has also produced hundreds of Psychology graduates through its collaboration with renowned universities at the forefront of world class research in Psychology. According to Dr Mojgan Shadbash, the Head of Psychology programs at ANC, “our students have been included in the Dean’s list of Missouri S&T. They gain not only theoretical knowledge but develop their personality, their critical thinking, and ethical values as professionals. This is further reinforced whilst completing three month supervised internship program, attached to a number of health organizations in Sri Lanka or abroad
The B.A. in Psychology includes a choice of concentrations in Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education
Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
The course is designed to “prepare students for the next step… immediate employment or graduate school.” What’s more, this qualification will undoubtedly make the migration process easy and stress-free for any student looking forward to a better career abroad. They can even read for Master’s in Clinical Psychology, awarded by the University of West London (UWL): the first of its kind to be launched in the history of private education in Sri Lanka.

2+2 U.S. Transfer/ 1+3 Canada Transfer
It is a world of opportunities available for students who opt for U.S. / Canada Transfer programs, for they can choose from nearly 100 undergraduate degrees in the following fields of study:

Engineering / Business / Education / IT Medicine / Social Sciences / Humanities

ANC students are given guidance to choose programs based on their interests, skills, competencies, and future plans. Transfer students are guided step by step for a smooth transfer between colleges: students will learn everything about classes that best fit their needs, scholarship requirements, application procedures and deadlines in advance.
Transfer students enjoy a number of benefits such as learning from experts in their fields, cutting edge connections- most sophisticated smart classroom facilities and computer labs in the U.S.A. /Canada, on-campus work options (20hrs a week), and 12/ 36 month work visa after graduation besides their exposure to everything two great countries have to offer. This unique opportunity is also expected to transfer the lives of students as they find a way to adjust, adapt, and flourish: they become stronger during this process, learn new, transferable life skills, and recognize their potential for leadership and success, which in turn would help them launch truly global careers with leading companies. In addition, attending a college in Canada improve one’s chances of obtaining Canadian permanent residence.

3+1 U.S. Transfer Program
This is another unique opportunity for any student looking forward to an exciting college experience and to “see the world”. They spend more time at home with their loved ones while preparing for their final year in the USA. Once they complete their three year stay at ANC successfully, they could transfer to Northwood University or Southern New Hampshire University and continue their higher education in America. They too enjoy the same benefits as any other international student in the US, as 12 months of work after graduation and also work on campus during their final year whilst studying.
During their stay at ANC, our students have access to a range of amenities and support services that enable them to be prepared to compete with their international counterparts in future. To illustrate this, in addition to regular classes, every student is encouraged to make the most of “office hours” with the faculty. Free remedial tutoring is arranged for freshmen who need extra help with core subject areas. In addition, SAT/ IELTS/IT classes are offered free of charge so that students will have satisfied necessary requirements by the time they complete their stay at ANC.

Contact 0777449955 or visit us at No. 308, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3. For more information.

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