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Free Physics seminar for 2017 A/L students by Prof. Rosa @ LNBTI

Prof. Rosa, a leading professor in the field of physics and ADB consultant on monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the new Physics curriculum for local G.C.E.(A/L) (from 1995-1996), will be conducting a free seminar for students sitting for the Advanced Level examination in 2017. He is known for his creative writing and practical approach to teaching, which makes him beloved with his students. This is a great opportunity for students aspiring to be changemakers in the field of physics to learn from the absolute best. Prof. Rosa single-handedlyinitiated sending talented students to participate in International Physics Olympiad events. He is also a Member appointed by the Ministry of Education to prepare Physics syllabi for year 10 – 13 under the new reforms (from 2005 to 2007, and 2016 – 2017).
At the event, he will be using real-life theories to discuss Physics questions and he will discuss past papers. This will helpstudents understand the subject area easily, along with the practical uses of Physics, and it will make writing answers much easier.
Don’t miss this chance: Benefit from his years of experience and wisdom, by attending the free seminar on Physics for A/L 2017. As this is an event with limited seating available, please reserve your seat by calling or sending an SMS to 0773360000. The event is managed by Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute at 278, High Level Road, Maharagama.

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