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IIT team emerge winners at Angelhack Sri Lanka 2017

The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Campus) emerged victors at the AngelHack Sri Lanka 2017 hackathon which was held recently at the Dialog Corporate Headquarters.
The victorious IIT team was represented by BEng (hons) Software Engineering students Athyab Ameer, Andrew Joeshanth, BinuSenevirathne, KeshavKumaresan andFoundation in
Business Information Systems student,KanashyamYoganandasivam. The IIT team was selected winners from a total of 19 teams that participated in AngelHack Sri Lanka 2017.
The winning project developed by the IIT team was “SavYoBills” (Save Your Bills) whichis an API that will empower consumers by helping them to manage their bills resourcefully in an eco-friendly manner. In the fast paced consumer driven world, bills are something which many give second thoughts when it comes to having them in one’s wallet,even though they are an essential part of day-to-day life. Sometimes for expensive products these bills consist of the warranty, but is still given less priority by many to maintain records of these bills. In most cases the ink on the thermal rolls which bills are printed onhave harmful chemicals that may lead to cancer and other health hazards.
“SavYoBills” will overcome the problem of misplacing bills and will help empower a consumer to maintain a digital record of all bills. It works by combining the SavYoBills API to keep track of the bills. The bills will be encrypted in to a form of a QR code, and the retailers/vendors will produce the QR in a display which can be scanned.This will then save the data of a virtual bill by signing into the app. All the bills will be saved in the cloud and accessible to the user.
IIT Senior Lecturer / Course Leader Guhanathan Poravi commenting on the recent triumph said, “This victory is a great achievement by the undergrads. I wish them the great success and also to represent IIT and Sri Lanka in the Global Demo Day.”
“IIT has a rich background for winning such world renowned competitions. Every year there are students who gets selected for Google Summer of Code and this year there are 8 students who have got projects to work during their summer. Every year IIT produces innovations which are recognized at Microsoft Imagine Cup which is hosted annually.
There have been tremendous projects which were showcased and have won many awards in the national level of Imagine Cup. This year was also special for IIT when they bagged the 1st Runner’s up and 2nd Runner’s up for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2017. Furthermore, IIT students have proven to be the best at the Dialog gaming hackathon as they emerged winners which was organized by dialog Ideamart. Also they became the winners at HackADev 2017 organized by the UNDP and Dialog Ideamart. There are several undergrads who have won the NBQSAawards and there are many students who are motivated and striving hard to achieve many more,” Guhanathan Poravi said.
“Since the day I joined IIT it has been a great journey so far. IIT has a rich background of successful students who are currently employed in world class companies. Starting from the first hackathon which I took part in my first year, I got the interest to do more projects and participate in many hackathons as possible. This victory will be a huge opportunity for us as we get to go to the place where every technoprenuers dream which is “Silicon Valley” and find investors for our product. I on behalf of my team would like to thank the immense support given to us by our very own lecturer Mr. Guhanathan who was the pillar for our successes,” Athyab Ameer, the IIT winning team leader said.
IIT is an award winning campus which has won many international and local competitions.
IIT graduates have a 100% employment guarantee as the students have been given valuable work experience during their placement year along with a world renowned British degree. With its strong international affiliations, outstanding resources and focus on quality higher education, IIT is without a doubt an ideal place for students to obtain world renowned IT and Business degrees.

For further information, do write to “[email protected]” or make a call on the hotline 0722 72 72 72 and also you are most welcome to pay a visit and talk to counselors at IIT Main Campus at No. 57, Ramakrishna Rd, Colombo 6.

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