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Become a Professional in PSYCHOLOGY with KIU

Ms. Chanuki Wanniarachchi
BSc in Psychology, Lecturer, KIU
Psychology, the field which unravels the mysteries of the human brain, definitely has an interesting history behind it. On the verge of exploring the human brain and curing mental illnesses, trephining or drilling the skull can be considered as one of the highlights of the history of Psychology. During ancient times, such surgeries were performed if a person behaved ‘abnormally’. Ever since, it has been evolving, and has become the modern psychology we know of today. Up to date, it has evolved and advanced to a level where, after extensive research done all throughout the decades, more effective and humane psychotherapy came into being.Further, the modern psychology not only focuses on mental illnesses, but rather a broader area. As a result, psychology has been expanded into many different subfields such as Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Critical Psychology, Health Psychology, Child Psychology, Sports Psychology, Forensic Psychology and many more.
As the definition of Psychology: the scientific study of mental processes and behavior, it does implythat psychology deals with the brain and its processes. We, humans have the most complicated and the smartest brain of all species and the brain is a crucial part of the body which influences the existence of mankind. At this point, if you are thinking about the instances where we DON’T use our brain and rather behave unconsciously, I would liketolet you know delightfully, that too is a matter of “psychology”.
Psychology has been and continues to be an extremely popular field among many western countries, but is new to Sri Lanka. Earlier, seeking psychological support is considered to be a taboo. Ironically, Psychology was used to be stereotyped as a field which deals with “crazy people”. Hence, Psychology was not considered as a valuable higher education option and pursuing a career in psychology was considered to be a dead end. However, the truth as well as what’s unique and special about psychology is that it is not a field which is purely based on hospital settings, but a field whichgoes beyond that: businesses, schools, community, crime and law, research and many more. Simply, psychology can be related to any setting or scenario which involves ‘humans’.
With time and much awareness, it’s fascinating to see that now people haveactually started becoming keen to learn more about this “mysterious” subject and seek its help. As an emerging field, psychology has created many career opportunities such as clinical psychologist,school psychologist, forensic psychologist, business psychologist, counselor, researcher, psychotherapist,human resources officer and many more.Within a short span of time, Psychology has given birth to many Sri Lankan Psychologists who are providing an incredible service not only to Sri Lankans but also to the international communities.
As the newest addition to the higher education sector, KIU believes in catering more diverse and unique educational opportunities for the Sri Lankan youth. Therefore, KIU is now offering the BSc (Hons) in Psychology degree program which is recognized by the UGC and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. The curriculum includes the highest number of modules covering many subfields of psychology which are new to Sri Lanka. Further, it includes a research component as well as a placement/internship in order to enable the students to obtain core skills and keep up with the pace of the changing and developing world making them the best in their respective career fields. The vision of KIU is to provide quality education through world class standards. KIU challenges the traditional university teaching styles and introduces futuristic teaching methods which are entirely student-focused and paves way to create leaders rather than mere undergraduates. We believe that this would be a great opportunity for the students who have a passion for psychology and a vision to impart a valuable contribution to Sri Lanka, and to the world.The registrations for the next intake is now open and we at the KIU, are ready to offer you an unforgettable university experience, like no other.
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