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Robotics: The Automation Race Begins With You

The 21st century has brought wave after wave of change in the technological field, and what was deemed impossible a mere 50 years ago is now not only possible but mundane. Automation has taken over every aspect of our lives. Whether it is the automated traffic lights, or even the simple escalator that works only when a person is close by, technology is everywhere. Thus, it is important that we are ready for a future where most processes are handled by robots or automated processes in computers.
As part of the next generation, you will have grown up with technology and will have a natural affinity to using technology. You understand how to create and innovate, you think in novel ways, and you want to build something that will create a better world.
You are impatient to start building. All you need is the proper education. We at LNBTI have just the course for you. Our newest program is a robotics certification course that will not only help you understand the basics of robotics, but will also help you think in new ways that transcend boundaries and break barriers. We will help you blaze a trail in robotics never before seen in Sri Lanka. We value your thinking capacity and will help you enhance that. We will help you become an innovator and a mover and shaker at a young age.
We give you the best of knowledge imparted by a panel with experience and education in the robotics field, in modern labs furnished with hardware from Japan for hands-on experience. We will focus on increasing yoursystems thinking, programming mindset, active learning, judgment, and decision making, and will help with technology design, complex problem solving, troubleshooting, and quality control analysis.
Opportunity for techie innovators. Learn Robotics techniques from LNBTI – Japanese University.
If you have your O/Ls or A/Ls, talk to us to join the robotics certification course at the LNBTI.
Hurry! Call us on 077 33 60000 for more information. Let us help you grow your future in the technology field.

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