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Free seminar to study Medicine with Rs one million in financial grants

Have you had the interest to study Medicine but have been held up with financial constraints? Then you should read this.

International Medical Campus (IMC) is Sri Lanka’s most outstanding medical education and career services provider with pre-university, undergraduate, postgraduate and overseas certification programs to ensure that students achieve the best medical career opportunities. Today IMC has become the comprehensive medical education and career services provider in Sri Lanka. IMC provides professional services for future medical practitioners in following domains
Destinations – USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe through guided training and counseling. Students are given professional counseling on examination preparation, finance and visa matters.
Study Medicine in Australian Medical Universities:-
International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) whos medical qualifications are from a medical School outside of Australia or New Zealand and who are seeking registration to practice Medicine in Australia most provide evidence of eligibility to undertake one of the following assessment pathways.
Study Medicine in UK or Europian Medical Universities:-
All doctors must have registrations with a license to legally practice medicine and undertake activities restricted by Law to Doctors such as writing perceptions and singing death certificates. The license to practice is issued by the GMC known as the General Medical Council and applies to all the Doctors in the UK regardless whether they are working in the NHS or independent sector either on a Full time or part time permanent or special basis it also applies to all levels of registrations whether provisional or full time or on specialties or General practitioner registrations Call us on 0774410782 to find out more about UK Medical Universities or the entire European Medical systems.
Study Medicine in American-Canadian Medical Universities:-
A Career in Medicine is one of the most lucrative jobs in the US due to high income, Job security, Professional satisfaction and many other factors. The extremely high competition and cost makes admission to US & Canadian Medical schools next to impossible for many Asian students. However there are thousands of International Medical graduates who net the US Medical system every year through the ECFMG certification process . Find out more.
IMC Partner universities
IMC is partnered with a consortium of WHO, SLMC (Sri Lanka), GMC(UK), AMC (Australia), ECFMG (USA) recognized universities. Each university offers a unique set of career and education experiences. Some of our partners are;
Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC) India / Malaysia
Melaka-Manipal Medical College, located in Melaka, Malaysia was established in 1997 as a joint venture with the renowned Manipal University of India.
International Medical University (IMU) – Malaysia
The International Medical University (IMU), is Malaysia’s first private medical and healthcare university with over 24 years of dedicated focus. It offers a 5 year MMBS degree program with two options; one being to do the full 5 year program in Malaysia and the other to do 2½ years of the program in Malaysia
Grodno State Medical University (GRSMU) – Eastern Europe- A World top 400 ranked University
GRSMU is one of the leading medical universities in Belarus and is located in the historic city of Grodno, close to the western borders of Poland and Lithuania. It was founded in year 1958. Enrolment of foreign students had begun in 1992, teaching in English medium in 2003 and over 500 foreign students, including Sri Lankans are studying at the here moment. The University if the first to introduce Medical Simulations for Medical students.
Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) – Eastern Europe- A World top 400 ranked University
VSMU in located in the city of Vitebsk in the Republic of Belarus. It was founded in year 1934, which is ranking of 392 in the World top Universities. VSMU is perhaps the only university in Europe in which the largest group of Sri Lankan students, The Whole University has over 7000 Students and perhaps more than 450 of them are Sri Lankans.
Gomel State Medical University (GSMU) – Eastern Europe-
GSMU is located in the city of Gomel, the second biggest city in Belarus. It was founded in year 1990. The Faculty of General Medicine for overseas students was established in year 2000 where over 300 foreign students, including Sri Lankans are studying at the moment.

Reserve your seat now by calling us on 0774410782
Date :- Sunday the 25th of
June 2017
Time :- 10am Onwards
Venue :- Sangham Hall,
Rudra Mawatha,
Col 6

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