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Another Milestone in International Education: ; ANC Collaborates with California State University, Sacramento

ANC Education is yet again ready to offer a complete and holistic college experience for Sri Lankan students in collaboration with California State University (CSU), Sacramento. CSU is the largest four-year public university system in America. Students on 2+2 program will spend first two years at ANC and final two years at the CSU, Sacramento. Their stay at ANC will enable them to gain the skills and confidence to prepare them for their education in America. From day one ANC students follow a US curriculum validated by the CSU, Sacramento so that all the credits are eligible for transfer to the same. On completion of the curriculum requirements, the degree is awarded by the CSU.
Why choose California State
University, Sacramento?
Academic Excellence
= Sixth-largest university in the 23-campus CSU system
= Ranked #28 in Top Public Schools (U.S. News)
= Ranked in the top 100 for the Best Undergraduate Business Programs and Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (U.S. News)
= Choose from about 60 undergraduate degrees in the fields of Engineering, Business, Education, Social Sciences, Health and Human Services, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Arts and Letters
= A no. of scholarships available for ANC students
= Courses fully accredited at the undergraduate and graduate levels
= Learning from experts in their fields; the average faculty to student ratio is 1 to 24
= Personal attention and academic advising
= Extensive research and paid internship opportunities
= Cutting edge connections- most sophisticated smart classroom facilities and computer labs in the U.S.A.
Beautiful Convenient Location
Located in the capital of California, CSU, Sacramento is the largest university in the city and designated “Tree city USA” campus. “It is sheltered by more than 300 trees and dotted with flower gardens.” Sacramento is adored by international students for its Mediterranean climate which is pleasantly mild throughout the year except for several hot summer days. For some, it’s “jeans and t-shirt” weather almost year round. They also enjoy “all the benefits of an urban California life style- art galleries, museums, theaters, great restaurants and shopping-yet Sacramento is one of the most affordable cities in America.”

Student Life
= Students from 100+ countries
= State-of-the-art recreation and wellness center
= More than 300 student clubs and organizations
= Many events such as concerts, movie nights, comedy acts, etc. usually free
= On campus/ off campus housing options
= 24/7 safety and security services
= Reliable and free transportation to nearby residential areas
= Convenient banking and shopping
Dr. Paul Hofmann, Associate Vice President for International Programs and Global Engagement at CSU, Sacramento, is so excited to visit ANC again in September; he is looking forward to welcome “smart ANC students” to the CSU, Sacramento in future.
Why choose ANC Education?
ANC has facilitated thousands of students gain access to U.S. education since its inception in 2002, with exclusive partnerships with Californian and New York state universities. Our students are given guidance to choose programs based on their interests, skills, competencies, and future plans. Transfer students are guided step by step for a smooth transfer between colleges: students will learn everything about classes that best fit their needs, scholarship requirements, application procedures and deadlines in advance. What’s more, from day one students have access to a range of amenities and support services that enable them to be prepared to compete with their US counterparts in future. To illustrate this, in addition to regular classes, every student is encouraged to make the most of “office hours” with the faculty. Free remedial tutoring is arranged for any freshman who needs extra help with core subject areas. In addition, SAT/ IELTS classes are offered free of charge so that students will have satisfied necessary requirements by the time they complete their two years at ANC.
All in all, as you are ready to embark on the next chapter of your life, choosing your perfect university is of utmost importance. You need to be more than just a number lost in the buzz of a lecture hall: you are looking forward to an experience that challenges and changes you and prepares you for the world. We assure you that ANC-CSU partnership will help you reach your fullest potential for a rich and rewarding life.

Contact 0777449955 or visit us at No. 308, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3 for more information.

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