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offers better opportunities in Biomedical Science

Biomedical science is an exciting new field with great opportunity for a challenging career. However most students seeking higher education are still unaware of this upcoming field. To those seeking a career in the field of human biology or seeking a laboratory based career with interest in research obtaining a degree in Biomedical Science would be a monumental gain in achieving life goals.
In a nutshell Biomedical Science is the study of the structure and function of the human body in health and disease. A Biomedical undergraduate would essentially require an understanding of anatomy, physiology, medical biochemistry, medicalmicrobiology, pharmacology, molecular biology, clinicalmicrobiology andimmunology to name a few.
Fields such as basic and advanced pharmacology, clinical/systemic microbiology and pathology, applied hematology and biostatistics are the newer fields that have been added to the biomedical science degree when compared to the medical laboratory science degree, thus giving it a wider scope.
During this study programme a student acquires the ability to understand, critically analyze and interpret scientific and biomedical data. Further the student gets an opportunity toengage in biomedical research and be able to read scientific publications which helps in exposure to the latest research developments. Another great advantage is the opportunity to acquireprofessional writing skills to convey scientific information in a meaningful way.
Biomedical scientists typically are degree holders and usually take postgraduate studies to further enhance their career path. This degree enables one to seek faculty positions at academic institutions, as well as senior scientist positions in industry.The category with tenured faculty positions at universities, colleges, non-profit research institutes, and sometimes hospitals, usually afford more intellectual freedom and have time for research. In addition they are able to attend scientific conferences, compete for research grant funding, publish scientific papersand take up teaching of undergraduates.
Further the skills gained during a Biomedical Science degree helps oneto embark on a range of scientific careers, discovering vital medical developments and improving the lives of others. The direct career opportunities available include Biomedical scientist and healthcare scientist in industry, research institutions and health care settings in various fields including biochemistry, genetics, haematology and microbiology.
Yet another attractive opportunity for those pursing the Biomedical Science degree is the opening of the “for-profit”industry corporations. Employment at large pharmaceutical companies or biotechnology companies can be obtained with a degree in Biomedical Science. These positions in industry tend to pay higher salaries than those at academic institutions.
When seeking a course to study Biomedical Science, employability/recognition of the degree is of vital importance. Most often to work as a clinical biomedical scientist approval of relevant regulatory bodies of thatparticular country is important. The course content, the quality of teaching, the learning environment, research activities and the facilities available are key factors looked in to by regulatory bodies. For a degree to be recognized it must integrate a basic knowledge of human biology, cellular and molecular biology and analytical techniques with the specialist subjects. High quality courses integrate aspects of clinical and routine laboratory diagnosis with a holistic view of biomedical sciences. These broader courses prepare one for a wider range of careers, including university research, government- funded research laboratories, and a whole range of careers in the global pharmaceutical and biosciences industries.
KIU is a Ministry of higher education accredited, University grant commission recognized degree awarding institute. BSc. Honours in Biomedical science has commenced and is now taking in the 3rdBatch of students. KIU youis proud to be able to award a completely Sri Lankan degree in Bsc (Hons) in Biomedical science approved by the Ministryof Higher Education recognizedby the UGC. We at KIU offer a highly qualified teachingpanel with a state of the art laboratory for trainingof these graduates.
In conclusion today, globally science and technology are advancing rapidly,providing opportunities to improve the quality of care for people at all stages of their lives. Care delivery is also changing, with new models of integrated care emerging for different care settings. Roles forthe healthcare science workforce has changed as a result. Thus the urgent need to modernize scientific careers to provide competent and highlyequipped staff with the right set of knowledge and skills for today and for tomorrow.

For Further details regarding Bio medical Science degree program, kindly visit www.kiu.lk or contact KIU higher educational institute through following contact numbers 011 2741878,0 11 2741042
You can also Visit KIU at 249/1 Malabe Road, Thalangama North, Koswatta, Battaramulla, 10120, Sri Lanka.

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