Friday, October 30, 2020


The market leader in education, the Imperial Institute of higher education (IIHE) recently held its graduation ceremony at the BMICH thatsaw 70 graduates being conferred with the prestigious and globally recognized qualifications from the University of Wales.
The Chief Guest was, His Excellency, The British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Maldives and Mr. James Dauris. Guest of Honor, Dr. Steven Longdon of the University of Wales, Mr. David Chelsey the External Examiner for University of Wales and Mr.Priyantha Fernando, Director of IIHE.Also in attendance was the board members, lecturers, the faculty members and staff of IIHE.
Dr. Thilaka Weerakoon, Director Education IIHE declaring open the graduation ceremony stated that this was a time for the graduates to reflect upon the journey that has just finished, which represents one the most challenging and rewarding theme of his speech was to be selfless in their professional and private lives to assure inner happiness in all of their contribution to society.He quoted thoughts from some of the most revered personalities of the world, the Dailai Lama, Nancy Astor, Nelson Mandela as well as famous celebrities such as Leo Babauta and Ellen Degeneresand urged the graduates to utilize the education gained into something far finer and to imagine and facilitate a brighter future that embodied compassion, gentleness, humility, empathy and loving kindness and to change the world for the better.
The Chief Guest His Excellency, The British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Maldives, Mr. James Dauris, said that this occasion was a celebration of the education affiliations between Sri Lanka and Britain and the strong links that has prevailed between the two countries. He stated that the graduateswere in an exciting position, in an exciting country, at an exciting time, where they can drive the global growth of the country and be one of its greatest assets.He advised the graduates that as leaders, that they need to act and stand for core values such as honesty,integrity, respect, professional and ethical behavior, being environmentally aware and staying true to the right values and to make the country and their businesses strong.
The Guest of honor Dr. Steve Longdon address speech, focused on perseverance. He quoted examples of how he had successfully achieved what was considered as impossible by experts. He also emphasized that learning was a continuous process and that one should continue as their learning journey throughout their lives.
The valedictorian at the celebration was Pasan Gunathilake, the MBA graduate student. He outlined that IIHE degrees are highly recognizedamongst the corporates, businesses and industry in Sri Lanka. He said that the MBA has been designed to offer an overall and practical understanding of management allowing for strategic decision making in the competitive world that gives the graduates a distinctive competence to enhance and make the necessary improvements to the businesses of the country. His message to the graduating batch was to remember that they were graduates from a top class institute and that it was essential to represent the institution well and retain its pride and position.
This year’s convocation once again stood as a testament to not only the many achievements of IIHE students’ performances, but also to the institute’s commitment to molding the best graduates in the industry and in playing a pivotal role in producing top notch graduates who are holding key positions I n the industry and contributing to the success of their organizations and the business landscape of the country.
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