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Forward March to Glory – With ANC Education

HasiniMunasinghe, being the daughter of a successful career woman in the corporate, grew up wanting to be a powerful woman in the business world. Inspired by her mother and with her support and guidance, Hasini opted to enroll in a business diploma soon after her O/Levels leading to a fast-track business degree program at ANC, targeting to graduate ahead of her peers. She studied at Musaeus College, Colombo till her O/Levels – and later graduated in 2016 with a Business Management major degree from Northwood University (NU), USA offered at ANC. She received honors as a High Achiever from both Northwood University, USA and John F. Kennedy University, USA in 2015 and 2016 for maintaining a GPA of 3.5. During her higher studies, she received experience in the corporate as an intern at BellVantage (Pvt) Ltd for seven months. Upon graduation, she worked briefly at ANC Education and with the help of ANC’s career fairs, she was introduced to the corporate giants where she secured the chance to join John Keells Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. as a Business Development Executive in June 2016. Owing to her academic and professional prowess, in January 2017, she was offered the post of Account Manager at WSO2, a prestigious IT solution company, opening doors to take her career one step further.
Below are the excerpts from the interview with HasiniMunasinghe…
How did you managed to enter a fast track US business degree program at ANC?
Soon after my O/Levels, I completed a diploma in management and marketing which allowed me to enter the business degree program at ANC offered by NU, USA, with a whole lot of subject exemptions. It helped me fast-track my degree and complete a 4-year degree in 2 ½ years. Thanks to that, I graduated at the age of 21 and landed a solid well-paying career in a Blue-chip company soon after graduation.

Did you parents encourage you to start higher studies straight after O/Levels?
Yes, indeed. The corporate world expects practical knowledge. The sooner you start your career, the more experience you receive. Therefore, taking three years to sit for A/Levels which is also just an admission seeking exam to enter a state university, did not make much sense to me. At ANC, they feed us with the right academic knowledge as well as practical content to be prepared for the corporate. Most importantly, ANC conducted career fairs, many other seminars and events to introduce us to the blue-chip companies, allowing us to find prospective employers. At ANC, we also had many clubs and societies which ensured that we are groomed to be good leaders. Through various initiatives at ANC, as fresh undergraduate students, we could build confidence as well as good contacts that we needed to enter the corporate upon graduation. Thatis priceless.

What kind of extracurricular activities were you involved in during your university days?
From school days, I was involved in a lot of social welfare projects. ANC created a very good platform to continue my extracurricular activities. At ANC, I was elected as the Professional Development Director and later as the President of Rotaract Club of ANC. I liaised with the student body of ANC, 70+ other Rotaract Clubs as well as various grassroot organizations and corporate leaders in organizing numerous projects. We had many initiatives to help underprivileged community especially children. My involvement in these projects helped me develop many skills which later became very useful in my life and career.

Do you plan to do your postgraduate studies?
In fact, I have already enrolled in a MBA program from the University of West London (UWL) offered at the ANC School of Postgraduate Studies. I just completed my first semester there. It is a British postgraduate qualification which can be completed in Sri Lanka without having to pause the career.

What made you choose ANC as your education partner for both your undergraduate and postgraduate studies?
ANC is a reputable and reliable education institute. ANC was the only place that is offering undergraduate business degree programs that can be completed entirely in Sri Lanka. When I started my degree, I was very young and my mother was reluctant to send me to the US for studies.
ANC gave me the option to study my entire business degree in Sri Lanka saving a lot of money. The panel of lecturers at ANC is also quite impressive. They have relevant academic and professional qualifications and exposure in the industry.
They are quite competent and capable of building the links with corporate leaders to give us the best learning experience. I thoroughly went through the curriculum before I entered the undergraduate and postgraduate programs and ANC catered to my education requirements.
For the UWL postgraduate program, ANC offered 36% discount on the tuition fee for all ANC graduates. It is very convenient when a foreign qualification is offered in Sri Lanka. ANC does not only have a Sri Lankan panel of lecturers, but some of the course contents is delivered by a foreign panel. Therefore, even if we are based in Sri Lanka, we are getting a foreignlearning experience at ANC.
What plans do you have in the long run?
WSO2 is a great and interesting place to work. I see myself working there in the long haul. However, I also aspire to start my own business which my mother is already helping me to launch. In that business model, we want to give the most part of the profit we earn for the community service. I will launch that as a small initiative on the side.
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