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One of the leading higher education entities in Germany

Germany is among the most interesting host countries for international students. German higher education entities make about one tenth of their study places available for international students. At present the number of international students in German universities sums up to approximately 260,000. As the capacity of popular English study programs at German higher education institutions is limited a large percentage of international students arriving to Germany decide to study German, the language of many famous, international well-known scientists and thinkers.
Our Technical University of Applied Sciences at the city of Wildau situated at the Southeastern border of the German capital, Berlin, has a large population of international students, more than 20 percent of all students enrolled. The University TUAS Wildau

• is the outcome of successful higher education policies
• is a roadmap for a future-oriented federal state Brandenburg,
• an engine for progress in science, practice and research.

At TUAS Wildau, studying takes place within a campus environment that transcends institutional and international boundaries and encourages students to address new challenges in innovative approaches. Students have the chance for learning in a dynamic way by attracting the best for their future professional opportunities.
Practice-oriented teaching and excellence in applied research is one of the core elements of TUAS Wildau. Many of their study programs having high reputation and are internationally recognized with top rankings.
The strategy of the university providing their graduates with creative development opportunities and wide scopes for their future professional activities involves all areas of engineering, science and business.

= The Department of Engineering and Science extends far beyond the traditional key subjects, it is closely linked with further engineering subjects including automation technology, aviation engi-neering, telematics, and industrial engineering. These subjects bring together students of the university with industrial partners in the metro-region of Berlin-Brandenburg.
= The Business Department involves informatics and law. Students focusing on management need an understanding of methodology and at the same time a practical and solution oriented approach with the aim towards leading positions in the economic sector.

The aim of the academic education at TUAS Wildau is focusing on professional skills with an indis-pensable knowledge in practice, applied knowledge and creative techniques. For support of the en-trepreneurial attitude of graduates, faculty and university structures are forming teams and catching opportunities for early exchange with experts and potential partners.
The practical relevance is a special characteristic of the engineering, economics and administrative courses of the University of Applied Sciences. Laboratory exercises and internships compose a high proportion of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Students perform their exercises and experiments using new, high quality laboratories and computer technologies. For each student a computer or a lab work space is available.
Compulsory internships, projects and partnerships with industry and business help students to gain valuable personal experience and to make contact with potential employers while still at university, adding a proactive dimension to their career development. Internships are mandatory in our full-time bachelor’s degree programs. Students of some programs can choose between national or international internships.
TUAS Wildau with its scientific innovation, strong practical approach, intensive laboratory exercises, close contact between students and faculty as well as good working atmosphere has become an attractive partner for the economy in the capital region. As one of the strongest research universities in the Federal Republic TUAS Wildau was ranked first for the “research funds raised per professor since 2001”.
Though being located at the southeastern outskirts of the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region students and faculty contribute to a path providing an example of transforming a former industrial area into a vibrant studying and research hub. Wildau as part of the metro region contributes with their new ideas and professional input to create start-ups at cutting edge of tomorrow’s trends.
The region is an economic center with bright development perspectives and employment opportunities; it is always a scientific-knowledge focal point.
Because of its dynamic development and its growing internationalization TUAS Wildau today is Brandenburg’s largest University of Applied Sciences with more than 4,500 students. This makes TUAS Wildau an indispensable factor for the county’s science and economy; cooperation networks connect the university with leading enterprises operating on international level and regional companies.
New learning environments, innovative partnerships, cross-cultural exchange, interdisciplinary solu-tions and international degree programs are in the focus of TUAS Wildau, which enables graduates being specialists who are well in demand of the employment market. Trademark for national and international relations to partners from a non-academic background are cooperation networks for knowledge and technology transfer.
In 2009, TUAS Wildau was nationwide leader with regard to innovation in economics and public ad-ministration. Since 2011 TUAS Wildau is ranked 1st in applied research among all Universities of Ap-plied Sciences; and in 2012 the library of the university was elected as Library of the Year in Germany. In 2013 a new part of the campus of the university was officially opened providing more space for labs of applied sciences, for teaching and a new assembly hall. As it is in the policy of the university the new campus includes modernized historical halls combined with new buildings.
TUAS Wildau invites students from all over – national and international – for their focused subjects engineering, science and business. Many students from Berlin- Brandenburg join the university, and increasingly international students from all over the world contribute to a cross-cultural life at the University Campus in a unique atmosphere.

• Aviation Management
• BiosystemsEngineering/ Bioinformatics
• Business Administration
• Business Management
• European Management
• Aeronautical Engineering and Logistics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Photonics
• Renewable Energies
• Technical Management and Logistics
• Telematics
• Economics and Law
• Business Computer Science

• Automation Technology
• Business Administration
• Biosystems Engineering/Bioinformatics
• European Management
• Municipal Administration Management and Law
• Logistics
• Aeronautical Engineering and Logistics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Physics Engineering
• Telematics
• Transport Systems Engineering
• Administration and Law
• Business Computer Science
• Industrial Engineering
• Economics and Law

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