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Horizon Campus shows the path to your future marketing career

The future looks exciting. At the recently concluded Google developer conference called “Google I/O 2017”, Sunder Pichai, the CEO of Google showed off a wonderful piece of new technology called the “Google Lens”. It is an AI powered application, which runs on a smartphone and can make sense of what is around it.
In the demo, Sundar points his phone camera at a restaurant on the street and voila, the Google AI genie reads the name board, figures out where the restaurant is based on where the phone is (well, now you know why Google had been spending millions on Google Maps and Google StreetView) and tells you what the menus are, shows you the reviews and let you reserve a table if the restaurant has an online reservation system.
In my opinion, what Google Chief showed off that day is not just super cool technology, but also the future of marketing. If you are a marketer, this is how customers are going to find you in the future.
They will not find you through your polished print ads or your annoying YouTube video ads. They will find you on the street through Google Lens, they will find your name mentioned on a Twitter feed or on a Facebook post and decide to check you out. Most advertising in the world is becoming digital too.
Millions of consumers get their first brand experience through a digital medium and in the UK alone, companies spent £10.3 billion on digital advertising in 2016 (IAB/PwC Digital AdSpend Report).
So where does Horizon Campus fit in this digital scheme of things? Marketing is a highly lucrative occupation and there is tremendous interest among young people to study marketing.
The choices are enormous. How would a young, aspiring marketer choose what to study and where to study? How do you choose the right marketing degree for you?
Even Though the choices seem bewildering, the way to choose, in fact is not that hard. The simple advice to the aspiring marketing student is; “do not be misled or blinded by the digital hype!” Yes, marketing is going digital, so is everything else for that matter.
Just because marketing is going digital, it does not mean the basic marketing concepts or business concepts are going to change. You must choose a degree that teach you the basics, the theories and teach you how to apply them to the real world.
That is where Horizon Campus Management Degrees outshine the rest.
Horizon Campus Management Degrees are designed to be future proof. We make sure that our graduates are ready for the next wave by making sure that they develop a broad set of skills and a wide knowledge base. Above anything else, marketers are business executives.
They, like any other business executive, are given budgets and people as resources, targets to meet using those resources, they have unpredictable competitors to deal with, finicky customers to satisfy and they have a limited time to make things happen.
A marketer who understands only marketing (or worse only digital marketing) cannot thrive in this complex corporate world.
Why? Because your competitors are always scheming to derail your clever marketing plans and your customer needs keep changing. The basic assumption in economics, ceteris paribus, does not apply to marketing.
Everything changes constantly and marketing professionals must work with all other disciplines in the organisation to make their plans work. Marketing must work with finance specialists and for that marketers must understand finance, work hand in glove with operations experts and this needs a good knowledge of operations, they have to work with HR, with production and in the digital marketing world, work as a close knit team with the IT professionals of the firm.
They must understand and appreciate the challenges of digitization, globalization and regional integration and how these macro trends affect customer choice.
In short, a good marketer needs to know a lot more than marketing and that is what Horizon Campus is geared to offer.
Horizon Campus Honours Degree in Marketing is a four year full-time honoursprogramme and is a fully fledged business degree. Students learn all essential business management subjects areas including economics, management accounting, finance, IT, operations management, global business, statistics, research methods and human resources management during the first three years.
At the end of the third year, students are sent on a compulsory industrial training for six months to work as full time employees and then return to campus to complete their specialization in Marketing Management.
Our interns would be assigned to Marketing Departments of carefully selected corporations and would be tasked with assisting the Marketing Managers of these organisations.
During their six month industrial training/internship, regular assessments are conducted which allows the Horizon Campus academic leadership to monitor the student progress, the learning and training they have received as well as to iron out issues as they arise.
The assessments conducted during the internship period includes two face to face meetings where the intern meets with the Dean of the faculty and the Vice Chancellor to discuss progress. Further assessments are conducted by their corporate supervisors who submit reports on the progress of the interns working under their guidance.
At the end of the six month internship, the undergraduates will return to campus and start their honours year specializing in Marketing Management.
The areas covered in marketing specialization includes, advanced marketing management, branding and brand activation, marketing research, global marketing, consumer behaviour and marketing communications with digital marketing.
With this unique programme structure, marketing undergraduates of Horizon Campus receives real world exposure, working under practicing managers their compatriots in other programmes would not receive.

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