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Horizon Management students start their internships

A full employability with an above average income is the major motivating factor for higher education. The ability of people to think and act creatively, work industriously and productively, and being innovative and adapt available technologies to strengthen economic activities is cardinally important to achieve this objective. Appropriate question, which brews in the minds of parents, is that how to develop their children with essentials skills demanded by the industry and make them fully employed after graduation.

Horizon Campus the most recognized non-state higher education institute for business management undergraduate degrees has clearly understood this desire of today’s parents and undergraduates.


In order to prepare its undergraduates with marketable management skills and work experience that is recognized by potential employers, Horizon Campus has created a vigorous undergraduate management programme that has an embedded industrial training internship component which carries academic weight.


In realizing this vision of moulding market ready graduates, the faculty of Management of Horizon Campus, through its extensive network of industry partnership has helped Horizon Campus undergraduate students of management to find internships in leading corporations in Sri Lanka.


Our most recent batch of undergraduates have secured six month internship offers at leading Sri Lankan industries such as FMCG, Automobile assembly, banking, apparel manufacturing among others.


The objective of the industrial training internship, which is an integral component of the four year, Horizon Campus undergraduate honours degree programme is to give hands on work experience while the students are still enrolled in their study programme. Unlike most undergraduate programmes where students are encouraged to seek internships at the end of their undergraduate programme, Horizon Campus honours degree programme sends its students on industrial training at the end of the their third year, before the students begin their specialized studies in Human Resources Management or Marketing Management.


This unique arrangement by the Horizon Campus undergraduate management degrees is created in part to address the challenge of improving the market/job relevance of the degree students are studying and the address the long standing problem of unemployment/underemployment among university graduates. Horizon Campus Management Faculty undergraduate will get to experience the world of work even before they leave the programme, giving them not only valuable experience and insight, but also useful contacts in the industry they could develop to further their careers upon graduation.


Future business organizations belong to passionate managers who are well equipped with skills of thinking and doing. Thinkers create new knowledge in to businesses while doers are supposed to implement the ideas generated by thinkers. At Horizon Campus Management Faculty, we help mould thinkers and doers who are insightful of the challenges they will have face and ready to launch their careers as soon as they graduate.


Horizon Campus education is founded on three pillars, which are of the essence in selecting a higher education provider for your child.


  • Academically and professionally qualified faculty
  • Fully recognized by the UGC, Ministry of Higher Education and Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  • Affordable programmes delivered in a modern campus environment with all required academic and recreational facilities.


The Horizon Campus provides quality education at affordable prices to local and overseas students. With the increasingly competitive job market and ever challenging career development paths, Horizon Campus is the best management higher education institute in Sri Lanka which will nurture and develop young minds into capable managers.


We at Horizon Campus, have undertaken a commitment to mould the best young managers, who will be equipped, to lead and apply their skills in any field or to face any challenge, adapting well to an ever-changing business world. We look forward to the future with excitement, hope and optimism and invite you to be a part of our success story.

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