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Education   &   Intelligence    are   like  two  “Headstrong  Horses” which requires  to  move  together in  harmony   and  Partnership…..for best results  in any Arena.”   

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Each time you see this reality  of been an extraordinary Individual fading away from your vision..its time you stop to re-build it to its original re-examine your intentions….to dis-empower your negatives. Just like you rush to a physician when you are in a state of physical discomfort need to freeze  all  your conscious acts…acting  as your own physician consultant involved in diagnosing very precisely the problem in your mental states…re-constructing yourself.   There  maybe past anxieties, fears, that still remain in your Subconscious mind influencing your new conscious efforts of getting to where you want to be. It is possible that new fears new anxieties can enter. Been conscious about these vulnerabilities and consciously battling them is the key to protect your creation. Re-constructing  yourself  time and again  is   of   supreme    interest   in   this   magnificent journey.

“Most  times in our life’s  negative  energies  such as  fear, anger ,hate prejudice, revenge etc.  emerges  within us to remain  intermingling   with   our   original   positives.”

These negatives energies are suppressing the genius in us … eventually get us to deceivingly   accept and acknowledge the  fact  that we are at a  low    level  in  intelligencies   and  abilities.

Our consistent negative intentions ,thoughts  and behavior throughout the years ………. has in  fact consciously or  unconsciously formed a kind of negative mental domain in our system that  interferes with our positive development…..Each time you attempt to engage in positive thoughts   you find yourself unable to sustain  this  state of mind  because  there is intrusion coming from your negative field… and   even the very slightest adverse effect on any of your attempts to  succeed….. rapidly deteriorates your hope and levels of self-confidence.

“The power to identify  and  stop negatives  that distorts our progress is a positive approach.

Battling against this acknowledgement could be highly detrimental and a blockade erected on your path to growth and development.”

“Challenge  your  negatives…don’t let them encroach your positives, which is your original conception.. this is a more constructive approach towards positive thinking.”

Until you identify and  dis-empower your negatives   You cannot effectively develop positive thoughts attitudes or habits effectively …..they will only set you in motion for a very short while and unconsciously or consciously your negatives will gain dominance over your positives….. Attempting to build positive thoughts and habits without disempowering your negatives is like a farmer vigorously  toiling  ,but sowing   the seed  on  infertile, polluted  ground.

By nature we resist talking  about  negatives …we  look for writings that motivate us with positive sayings phrases pages and pages of positive messages….they are all helpful as long as they don’t fade away and leave us back in our same state of mind…… We have been to fiery seminars, conventions on motivation, we have made firm resolutions to change our life’s , inspired and driven by the impact of these sessions…..We cultivate positive effective  habits  and disciplines  in order to achieve something we have placed our minds on…..from the moment we set our minds  a physiological and mental process takes place that sets us in motion . It all goes well until a point of time …when you find that your enthusiasm eventually has deteriorated, with not so much success coming your way your belief wanes away , the fire and the passion is no more ,soon all your efforts and energies brings no harvest. It  is inevitable because the seed fell on infertile  ground.

What could have gone wrong.? Why couldn’t I hold on to those positive states of mind?

Many times in our lives we have made firm  resolutions , tried to turn new pages in life, raised our levels of aspirations , some of them we achieved  some we lost ..many of our life’s goals remained as dreams  while we still look for ways and means of achieving them. We read of the power of positive thinking , of effective habits  for success we adapt   many disciplines , follow principles for success…. but still find us running against the wind . At times all our determina-tions ,passions and desires are like falling  leaves in the wind at the mercy of natures forces …we are twisted and turned and  like a   whirlwind  swung hither and thither to be ultimately dashed on the ground….. …..perhaps we lacked awareness of some important element that has to be seriously considered before we look for any kind of external motivation.! Perhaps we depended too highly on the power of our physical minds! or did we attempt to battle our negative thoughts with our positive thoughts …with the mind that created`them  both…. and a mind that’s  battling to sustain both of them…is,nt this the beginning of an ever conflicting internal state of mind.?.


Elmo Quotes

You are a pioneer, a creator ,an explorer..generally you’ll  find yourself  very lonely battling away your inner conflicts, fears, defending yourself against arrogance …even  against  paranoia.  It is beyond doubt that you will encounter new negative influencer’s  attempting  to show you  the  insensibility of your dreams……So  you  need  to stand guard by your mind….screening and filtering all data input reaching you through your sensory system. Data that enters your system should be   perceived  with a higher level of significance and analyzed with a higher level of un-derstanding.


“Life  is  a  drama…..  more  of   Agonies  than  ecstasies…the  more  you  are  empowered  to  face  and  challenge  adversities  the  more  are your  chances  for  Success  in  life. “              Elmo   Quotes


Once you have made an Autonomous choice..these negative influences has no power to supersede  your creations..the only time that they could successfully do it, is when you permit them to enter your system in negligence and irresponsibility…It’s like a farmer who had toiled laboriously to prepare the ground and sew the seed but not watching over in care.. letting   the weeds take ground around the plant to destroy its originality. As we know,   weeds are  unable to stop growth of the plants but they can certainly damage the plant to the extent that it will not produce the expected will it be with our creations . We may consciously put in so much of energy and effort that could be diluted with the negatives bringing down our accomplishments below expected levels.


“The Writer  Elmo  Ebert is an Author on “SELF EMPOWERMENT “  and  a Pioneer/ Founder of “An Evolutionary Centered Philosophy for Greatness.”

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