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Gain entrance to your British MBA with Stage II of CIMA/CIM/ACCA and ABE

Turning over a new leaf, ANC School of Postgraduate Education introduces a many new avenues for graduates, fully and partially qualified CIMA/ACCA/ABE/CIM professionals to obtain an MSc/MBA in Business Management – thus, giving you accessibility to international postgraduate qualifications to boost your career and professional skills.
It is for you to decide where you want to stand in terms of your career. Do you want to be stagnant in the same position forever or are you in want of a better career and career advancement? Evidently, an undergraduate degree or a diploma qualification is becoming increasingly not enough to gain career success and land a solid, well-paying job in the modern context. Even though some may have gained professional success only with certain diploma qualifications, those who obtain post-graduate qualifications surpass the others in no time.
For those who aspire to conquer the business world, the ANC School of Postgraduate Education offers internationally recognized Postgraduate Business degrees to enhance your career within the field of Business in partnership with the Claude Littner Business School of the University of West London. In collaboration with the University of West London, the ANC School of Postgraduate Education aspires to offer you the largest portfolio of British Postgraduate awards in Sri Lanka for those who pursue their postgraduate degrees in Business while staying in the country.

University of West London

• The University of West London ranked the Number 1 university in London for Student Satisfaction 2016- NSS Survey
• One of the leading universities in the UK for employability, by having 96% of its students working within 6 months of graduation

The ANC School of Postgraduate Education has been providing British Business Degree qualifications relevant to industries in the corporate world with a clear vision and leadership in Sri Lanka. At ANC, it is not a matter of paying the fees and getting merely a paper qualification but about transforming your postgraduate qualification into something enterprising and entrepreneurial.
Our postgraduate degree programmes are designed for those who would like to study while they work while supporting advancements within existing careers. The courses aim to develop individual strengths in leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship, self-knowledge and working with others in the contexts of stability, uncertainty and change. Students will also develop skills in the use of appropriate technology for analysis and communication.
Postgraduate Business Programs at ANC:
– Master of Business Administration (MBA)
– MSc in International Business Management
– MBA (UWL) with PMP (PMI USA)
– MBA Hospitality Management

Entry Pathways to Postgraduate Business Programs:

MBA/ MSc Graduate Entry
Entry Open to
• Bachelor’s Degree holders from any discipline
• Professional qualification holders

MBA – with Exemptions;
Entry Open to
• CIMA Completed – MBA Programme with 50% Exemptions (8 months)
• ACCA Completed – MBA Programme with 50% Exemptions (8 months)

MBA/MSc – Professional Entry
Specially designed entry pathway for those who those strive to run the extra mile to boost their career.

Entry Open to;
• CIMA Managerial Level – MBA/MSc (12-15 Months)
• ACCA Fundamental Level – MBA/MSc (12-15 Months)
• CIM Professional Level – MBA/ MSc (12-15 Months)
• ABE Advance Diploma Level – MBA/MSc (12-15 Months)

ANC is dedicated to create the right environment for our students to interact with professionals in the field and peers in the business network to assist you go higher up the ladder. Our faculty contains all the amenities required for teaching and learning including access to partner universities, online library facilities and E-learning facilities such as Blackboard portal. Apart from lectures, we have a student-centric faculty that will make arrangements to conduct public seminars, symposiums and networking events providing an excellent opportunity for students to interact with leading members of the business community.

Key features of our postgraduate degree:
• Internal British Degree Conducted on a Mirror Model
• Degree Can be completed in 12 – 15 Months
• Up to 20% Teaching Covered By Visiting Faculty of UWL
• Classes Conducted on weekends and weekday evenings
• Black Board Virtual Learning Platform
• UWL Online Library Access
• Networking Opportunities With Corporates
• UGC Recognized International University

As a Postgraduate student at ANC, you will develop intellectual prowess, knowledge and professionalism that will give you courage, persistence and determination to rise to a greater height in your career. Most of our students come from middle managerial levels and steer up the ladder with the academic, personal, and financial rigor of their postgraduate qualifications.
Our Graduates;
Ravi Sivasithamparam
Head of Enterprise sales
Mobitel (pvt) Ltd

“ANC is known to be a leading education conglomerate in Sri Lanka with fine records. There’s no question about the reliability of ANC and the quality of its academic programs. Over the years, the ANC Postgraduate School has strengthened its partnership with the UWL to offer a large number of British postgraduate awards in Sri Lanka, which has benefited many local professionals aspiring to succeed in the corporate. I myself had a very good time studying at ANC and I would recommend ANC to ambitious individuals who wish to fill gaps in knowledge and qualifications to advance their careers.”
ANC students also do not have to worry about financing their studies. ANC “Student Loan” funded by supportive Banks offer financial solutions tailor made for those who strive to reach greater heights. Student can go for a 0% – 12 Monthly credit card payment plan with Commercial Credit card and Amex Card. You can meet with our experienced Student Loan Advisors who will guide you every step of the way.
Join us on 4th May 2017 at the Galle face hotel from 6.00 pm onwards for the MBA/ MSc Info session. Call us on 0777237077 for programme information and to reserve your seat in the MB/ MSc Info session.

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