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American University Degree ;The Best Investment after O/ Ls, AS & A / Ls

Complete your American university degree in Sri Lanka and save up to 70% of the cost of reading for the same in the USA.
ANC Education has emerged as the leading higher education institute in Sri Lanka over time. ANC is the market leader for American university education in the country and only establishment offering a full spectrum of educational programs from pre-school to high school, undergraduate, and post-graduate courses. ANC Education offers a range of American university degree programs in areas of Business (Marketing, Management, International Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Management Information Systems (MIS), and Hospitality and Tourism). They are internal degree programs directly awarded by Northwood University, which ranks fourth in the USA for “Best Value Business School” (Based on PayScale’s Return on Investment (ROI) Report ). Industry-specific curriculums of all these programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Unlike other education systems, which are merely examination oriented, US education focuses on the all-round skill development of young graduates with the objective of molding them into leaders of the tomorrow’s business world. In this light, ANC’s GPSI (Guaranteed Paid Student Internships) program ensures that many rewarding job opportunities await ANC graduates.

Value of Higher Education
University education is the most important contributor to success in life. Higher education leads to lucrative careers. Studies have demonstrated that graduates earn several times more than non-graduates in a lifetime. Not surprisingly, millions of students all over the world pursue higher studies.
Internal American University Degree Award
ANC students are enrolled into direct university programs from day one; they do not follow any online, external, or other local programs. Since all academic programs at ANC Education are supervised and monitored by the American partner universities and Northwood is offering their degree programs at international program centers without any localization, the Business degree awarded is identical to that of Northwood University; ANC students are exposed to the same education as practiced in America.

American University Degree: 4 years after O Levels or 3 years after A Levels
ANC Education has created opportunities for O level and A level qualified students to enroll in internationally recognized degree programs. This has enabled thousands of brilliant students, who were denied of the admission to state universities due to limited capacities, to achieve their higher education dreams, which in turn has assured them of a better life here in Sri Lanka or abroad. Students with pending O/L and A/L results can now secure enrollment in the degree programs mentioned above.

ANC’s 14 years of Excellence in International Education

Since its inception in 2002, ANC Education has been offering degree programs in partnership with leading universities in the world. Students enrolled in the internal degree programs could either complete the degree in Sri Lanka or transfer to the USA or Canada. Also, ANC Direct Placements assist students to be accepted by the best universities not only in the USA and Canada, also in Australia, the UK, New Zealand or Malaysia to fulfill their educational dreams.

State of the art Facilities, the Best Faculty and Staff, Free Remedial Classes
ANC Education has earned a reputation for providing education programs of high standard and learning opportunities of high quality. ANC Education’s state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities are the best in the country. In addition to its full-time lecturers, industry experts are also drawn in to share their experience to keep students abreast of current trends and advancements in the corporate sector. Study programs at ANC Education are constantly revised and reviewed to meet global standards and trends. In addition, remedial classes are offered free of charge for any freshman or senior who finds core subjects difficult. Outstanding resources available for education and the strong student support services equal excellence and result in academic success; over 80% of students obtain jobs within the first three months of graduation.

Student Activities

ANC Education has emphasized the importance of extra-curricular activities as well. Student activities at ANC comprise of several committees and clubs for students to participate in numerous recreational activities, to contribute to community development, and to improve their leadership and team working skills that a classroom alone cannot always foster. Further, social and cultural activities are organized to develop socio-cultural harmony. Consequently, students find employment immediately after graduation with high profile placements in the industry, and the feedback from the industry attests that ANC graduates are highly effective in employment and invaluable assets to any organization.

With its strong international relations, global standards maintained, and single-minded focus on quality in higher education, ANC Education has emerged as the higher education institute of choice to achieve one’s dreams and career goals.
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