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The respectable profession of Medical Laboratory Scientist

Disease diagnosis is today a collaboration between clinicians and supplementary services such as medical laboratory technology. The advancement in such supplementary services is such that diseases can be diagnosed way before the appearance of signs and symptoms on patients, allowing clinicians to identify diseases at very early stages.
Advances in technology and research has led Medical Laboratory Science to be recognized as one of the most dynamic sciences. As a result, it is essential for the continuous development of Medical Laboratory Technologists /Scientists to make full use of these advances for the improvement of human health. Thus, the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences of the Faculty of Health Sciences, OUSL provides a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.MLS) programme for registered Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) in the health sector to gain graduate qualifications.
This degree programme aims to providegraduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of Medical Laboratory Science. In addition, the course instilsethical practices and humane work ethics making the graduates competent and committed to providing quality laboratory services.
Further,they are motivated to pursue research and discover novel technologies at the modern laboratory facilities of the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, thereby allowing for the advancement of medical laboratoryscience and other health related fields throughout their carrier. The B.MLS degree program was initiated in 2013 under the Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences, OUSL. After establishing the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2015 the degree was shifted to theDepartment of Medical Laboratory Sciences.
Currently there are over 300 registered students for the degree programme and the very first batch is ready to graduate at the end of 2017
The open and distance learning method followed at OUSL is somewhat different to conventional universities. This is considered the most suitable education system for non-degree holding employed personnel. Studentsare provided with written course material coveringthe theoretical aspects of each course.
The course material has been specially designed by specialists in academia to make the material suitable for self-study. Students are given the opportunity to clarify doubts in discussion classes called “Day Schools”. . In addition to these facilities,students are assisted with online supplementary courses for each subject of the program which includes lecture presentations, audi-visual aids, online discussion forums, online model quizzes and much more.
At present the B.MLS degree program is offered to those who are registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council as MLTs with three years of post-qualifying work experience. However, the programme will be offered to any with G.C.E. A/L entry qualification in the near future.With this brief introduction the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences would like to invite professionals in the field to step on to the road of success andbecome a prestigious B.MLS graduate.

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