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AIC Campus launches Sri Lanka’s first European University Foundation Program

AIC Campus a leading Transnational Education Provider in the country with affiliation with leading European and American Universities have launched another “First” in the private education landscape in Sri Lanka , the European University Foundation Program.

AIC Campus being the first in the country to offer globally recognized French Engineering Education in 2016 launched the Global Engineering Transfer program in the same year and revolutionized the Transnational education by offering the two common years of engineering studies in Sri Lanka and Providing students the access to over 500 Universities in USA, Australia, UK, Canada and Europe to complete their University Education in Engineering thus giving the students and their parents the choice of country University and cost structure to meet their educational requirements.

With the launch of the European University foundation program in Technology and Engineering (FITE) and Foundation in Business (FIB) will pave the way for Sri Lankan students after completing their ordinary Level examination to fast track their university entry and access major universities in all major study destinations such as USA, Canada, Australia and European Union.
In the ever changing world access to higher education is not limited to elite few or the students with Advance level. Students with Pending O/Level results and also students who have sat for the Advance Level and not having enough grades to enter a university either locally or abroad has no reason to give up their higher education dream
AIC Campus in partnership with a European State University offers the best Foundation program in Business and Engineering Technology to gain access to leading universities around the world and continue their higher education at a very affordable cost or free of tuition fees.
Why AIC European University Foundation Program
Save Time – Foundation program allows students to save over 2 ½ years from their education. Traditional Advance Level pathway take 2 to 3 years typically in school with additional tutorial support, foundation program at AIC will assure university admission within 8 to 12 months
Affordability – Foundation programs allow parents to save more than couple of millions form their education investment in the medium term. Combined with easy payment schemes and shorter period of study AIC Foundation will provide a relief from the financial burden that parents have to go through for over three years.
All Round Skill Development – AIC Campus foundation programs are not only academic programs which prepares the students for university entry but an all-round skills development in soft skills such as communication, leadership, innovation, problem solving, teamwork and decision making. AIC also engage students in many extracurricular activities to make sure students will become all-round men and women in their life Internationally Recognized Foundation Program – Foundation programs at AIC Campus are offered by a Leading State University in Europe. Due to this high recognition of European university AIC Foundation graduates will have better recognition internationally to enter universities.

AIC offers the following European University Foundation Programs
• Foundation in Technology and Engineering (FITE) – Students who complete the FITE program can gain access to leading Universities in major study destinations to follow Engineering Majors of their choice or join the AIC Global Engineering Transfer Program or Engineering Degree Completion Program
• Foundation in Business (FIB) – Foundation in Business will open the way for students to access globally recognized universities in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe to complete business degrees in many major areas of study
AIC Campus university partners offer many concessions for the students in terms of scholarships and tuition grants upon completing the foundation and pursue their higher studies. AIC Partner universities offer tuition fees as low as US $ 3,000 per year in Europe to free of tuition costs in European destinations. Students who have sat for their G. C. E. Ordinary Level examination can enroll for any of our foundation program pending results and achieve their higher education dreams and pursue a dream career in their chosen field ahead of your peers. If you are ready to take a head start in your higher education with o/levels this is the time.

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