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LNBTI holds the inauguration for students

Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute has commenced lectures for the 2nd batch, and the inauguration was held on the 21st of February, at LNBTI where students were introduced to the exciting life ahead of them. The primary focus of LNBTI is to fine-tune students through a specialized curriculum designed to ensure its graduates are well qualified and highly capable of working in any related job in Japan or any other part of the world.
With the growing need for ICT qualified people in Japan, there are promising opportunities for students who want to live and work in Japan or the region. Therefore, one of the main advantages of studying at LNBTI is the potential of securing immediate employment opportunities in Sri Lanka, Japan and other countries in the region.
Head table – Dr. Manjula
Sandirigama– Academic Consultant (from University of Peradeniya), Dr. Sinnathamby Mahesan – IT lecturer & IT Programme Coordinator (from University of Jaffna – on sabbatical),Mr. Ravindra Perera – Academic Coordinator (Software Architect from Metatechno Lanka), Tomochika Censei – Japanese
Language Lecturer, Ishiyama Censei – Japanese Language Lecturer and Ms. Disna Rathnayake – Registrar (University of Colombo – on

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