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BCAS Campus commences free classes for aspirant medical students

Being the number one institution in Sri Lanka for BTEC HND programmes with over 19 years of existence, BCAS started recruiting students from Sri Lanka and Maldives to internationally-recognized foreign Medical Universities in 2015. In a very short period of three years we have won the trust and confidence of many parents for guiding their children for successful medical education abroad. Our service extends throughout the course duration.
The well reputed private higher educational institution in Sri Lanka, the BCAS Campus commences coaching classes for students who have registered with them to study medicine abroad. The free sessionsin which Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English are taughtare conducted absolutely free with the express intention of refreshing their knowledge and preparing the students to follow their medical education with ease and to keep them in the mood till the course starts. The coaching is done absolutely free by experienced lecturers. Biology in particular is taught by a well-known medical officer who possesses more than 10 years of teaching experience.
A Minimum of six hours per week is spent for coaching each of the key subjects referred to.Students will thus have learnt medical subjects like Anatomy and Biochemistry before actual programme commences. While this gives them a confidence to compete securely with other international students, at the end of the sessions, they are equipped with a good knowledge and familiarityof the modules of the first yearat the medical university.
BCAS CAMPUS recruits studentson behalf of many internationally recognized medical universities in China, Malaysia, Russia and Belarus.
Potential students with their parents can walk in on any day to the BCAS Head Office which is located in 32, Dhammarama Road, Colombo 6 by prior appointment for free extensive counselling and discussion on medical education abroad. You can call Faizeen on 076 5204503 for an appointment.

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