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Bachelor of international Business (Hons) Degree from MSU ; ming experts with knowledge and competence

We live in a global business world with the globalization of trade and transatlantic trade agreements continuing to reshape our economic and business landscape. Therefore the world today has become an economic marketplace without boundaries.
This means that in today’s ever-changing business environment, students must be able to work with people from diverse backgrounds who use different systems and currencies to achieve organizational goals. Management level aspiring graduates must understand the intricacies and difficulties of doing business with partners from other countries. Various factors must be considered, in terms differences in culture, language, political systems, geography, and socio-economic factors that all influence various business practices across the world.
Students must possess the international business fundamental concepts to extend business across national and international borders successfully. Knowledge and understanding of global issues is critical and a source of competitive advantage.
The Bachelor of international Business (Hons) Degree from the Management and Science University (MSU )program was established to deal with the study of international business and provides graduates with the knowledge and skills to understand and build the knowledge, skills and sensitivities to effectively work in our multicultural world.
The program has been developed in conjunction with industry leaders and is one of the best-recognized degrees programs in international business with an emphasis and focus on all the relevant aspects of the international business environment.
It enables students to develop valuable knowledge of the regulations and processes governing international trade and prepares them for work in diverse environments whilst developing their awareness of the ways people do business across the world .
It discusses topics on international business theory, financial environment, international government relations, policy and corporate strategy and provides an in depth knowledge of International Management by giving exposure on various country clusters and multinational company’s operations.
Subjects such as International Marketing give an insight into the world of international business in the field of marketing. It exposes students to the method used in implementing marketing concepts in the international market, cross cultural factors that influence decision making in international marketing and economics.
It also teaches students methodologies of global market strategies, financial environment, relationship between international business-government, strategy and corporate strategy functional management and operations.
Providing a solid platform for an international career in business management, the practical nature of the course ensures that graduates gain real-world skills and experience and enables students to secure and perform well at managerial positions in multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and government agencies.
Therefore if you can already picture yourself working in an international environment and be co-responsible for achieving high business results of an enterprise, then the Degree in International Business from MSU is the right choice for you!

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