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How to make overseas medical education affordable?

Many A/Level Bio-Science students are dreaming of Medical and Healthcare careers in Sri Lanka and overseas. It is no easy task to get placements in local medical universities even after obtaining very good results in local GCE-A/L examinations. London A/Level students have little or no chance in local medical university admission and must seek other alternative medical education opportunities.
However many students and parents are burdened with the high cost of these medical universities, including unrecognized local private medical schools and recognized overseas medical schools.
The question is how costly medical education can be? what are the tuition and living costs? availability of payment plans, bank loans, scholarships and other funding sources have become main concerns among many students and parents. This article is an attempt to provide clarity to the students who are seeking high quality medical education and career choices.
Medical Universities overseas – many choices to suit your budget
Students must note that overseas universities fall into three categories such as fully state owned, semi state and privately owned ones and thus their fees structures also differ from one another in keeping with their vision and viability.

Meanwhile there is also a notion that state universities are less expensive than private universities mainly due to the source of funding, since many overseas state universities are fully funded by state finance. However the privately funded medical universities offer attractive scholarship schemes for students which makes the high quality education affordable to many. This factor is explained below with examples from some of the overseas university partners of IMC.

Fully state owned universities
Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) and Grodno State Medical University (GRSMU) of Belarus are two of the less expensive state universities where the annual course fee is only around Rs.675,000 per year .
Semi-state universities
Riga Stradins University (RSU) of Latvia is a semi-state university where the annual course fee is around Rs.1.4 million but they offer scholarships and or grants up to 20% based on students’ proficiency and high performance.

Private Medical universities
Manipal Melaka Medical Collage (MMMC) of India / Malaysia is a leading private medical university in the world, where the annual course fee is around Rs.4.5 million but they offer academic merit scholarships grants upto Rs.3.7 million for the whole course based on GCE A/L results- minimum 2C + 1S to 3 A’s.
Thus it should be now clear to all that though medical studies in overseas universities are taken for granted as expensive on their face value, it is really not so with the many options available and scholarships and grants bestowed by some of them as explained above.
Save money with 1 year Fast-Track A/Level Program with Pre-Medical Foundation
Besides, there are two unique Foundation Programs conducted by the IMC in its Campus in Colombo, namely the International Medical Foundation (IMF) in association with the VSMU- Belarus and the Foundation in Science (FIS) in association with the Melaka Manipal Medical College – India /Malaysia which helps Sri Lankan students to skip the local GCE A/L requirement (substituted with London A/L) thereby allowing them to save 2 years study time from the traditional local A/L process and their parents to save over a million Rupees from their education investment budget.
Last but not the least, flexible payment plans, education loans and other support services arranged by the IMC will surely help them in making medical studies overseas truly affordable to those keen in pursuing same.
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