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Msi offers range of top msu malaysians Diplomas

Committed towards ensuring a high rate of student’s success, Management & Science Institute (MSI) is a fully affiliated higher educational establishment within the Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia that is recognized by many other leading universities worldwide including those in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Japan.
Designed in response to global industry needs, MSI offers number of Diploma programmes leading to the Bachelors (Hons) Degree offers through MSU Malaysia.
The Diploma in Business Management:Structured to reflect the changing business landscape and crafted in conjunction with industry leadersto provide a firm foundation in business knowledge and practice,The Diploma in Business Managementfrom MSI is designed to developstudents to master,handle and meet the demands of the future business industry.
Consistingof core Business Management modules focused on exploring and understanding contemporary managementit provides students with concepts, frameworks, analytical, problem solving and research skills to enable them to operate confidently and effectively in a range of disciplines that include management, administration, enterprise development, marketing, consultancy, and related fields.Students learn the fundamentals of business such as the Practices of Management, Principles of Marketing, Finance, Business Communication, Economics, Business Ethics, and Industrial Operation.
Students learn to apply this program content to develop dynamic and strategic responses to complex internal and external challenges facing organizations from the perspective of strategic decision making, strategic finance, contemporary marketing challenges and managing complex alliances across the public and private sectorthatalso includes the consideration of ethical principles and practices. They will be also introduced and exposed to the many different aspects of international business both of an academic and practical context that is relevant to the current and future needs of the business landscape.

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