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IN INDONESIA : Students of msu presents research papers at agba confab

The Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) is a global association of professionals in the fields of business administration, commerce, economics, entrepreneurship, information technology, tourism, hospitality and recreational sectors,that aims to help academics and scholars at business schools across emerging countries to connect with the western world for mutual benefit.
The 13th Global conference of AGBA was held in Indonesia recently with the vision of accelerating and furnishing ample opportunities to young scholars in emerging countries to get recognition, disseminate new knowledge and assert themselves on the global stage.
Being selected for and attending this prestigious conference was four students from MSU Colombo, currently studying for their MBA’s and Doctorates , who brought much pride to the country by showcasing their globally competitive talents, expertise and skills in their respective fields of academics . These students namely Piyari Wijewardena, K,R,N Harshani, Sumith De Silva and Nipunika Withanapresented papers at the conference all of which were well received and accredited for their comprehensive research, insights and presentation.
Piyari Wijewardenaspoke in his paper on the “Critical factors influencing online learning acceptance in the Sri Lankan higher education sector.” With Virtual Education slated as the “New Face of Schooling” this presentation highlightedthe manner in how it is going to change the way education is delivered in the future and touched upon the many reasons to form virtual education in Sri Lanka, why we need it, what are the challengesfaced, how to overcome these problems and the advantages of virtual education in higher education landscape in Sri Lanka .
Nipunika Withana’s presentation was on “agile methodologies in offshore software development.” Explaining about her findings she said “The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team in the ICT sphere is face-to-face conversation,where the team can work closely together .With offshore development taking the forefront today, it is important that this methodology is also adopted for maximizing returns from outsourcing engagements and operations.Therefore my presentation focuses on the importance of agile methods in .offshore development and on optimizing offshore software development with Agile.”
K.R.N Harshani’s paper outlined the determinants of the library services quality in Sri Lanka that touched upon how libraries should play a customer oriented role when catering to their clients, by delivering a quality service to attract and retain library users especially during thisinformation era. The paper identified the underlying dimensions of service quality at present and determined the best practicesto adopt .

Sumith De Silva in his presentation highlighted the “determinants of consumerattitudes towards luxury automobile brands across Sri Lanka “that outlined how consumers behave towards luxury brands and their attitudes and responses for high profile automobiles brands. Sumith stated “In every industry, today, the high rate of competition has become a serious problem. Even brands that have achieved differentiation find it difficult to sustain it.In this sense luxury brands need to create a high customer experiences by adopting unique marketing strategies and acquire a market position irrelevant to price competition.
The conference they said facilitated the exchange of information and ideas among educators and professionals, entrepreneurs, and bureaucrats, and between the business and academic fields which had given the participants from Sri Lanka an in depth insight into innovative and integrative approaches to research activities and professional practice,entrepreneurship development and operations,and analyzing contemporary global business and global entrepreneurship challenges..
Mr.Sam Peiris, Senior Manager of MSU Colombo stated, “ Conferences such as this provides a unique platform to facilitate the exchange of leading-edge ideas for effective advancement of knowledge in business and entrepreneurship and we were keen to let our talented students be a part of such forums that will enhance their knowledge and foster innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship in them. We will continue to look for forums of this nature and provide such opportunities to our students. “
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