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At HRMI : Personal tutors, text books and internship training for HND students

Every student at HRMI is assigned with a Personal Tutor, a member of the teaching staff who provides academic guidance and support. The role of the Personal Tutor is to help the students make the most of their studies as an individual. Students could always sit with their Personal Tutor and clarify their academic and career concerns. Personal Tutors are full-time instructors who are trained and conversant with the Learning Outcomes of the Study modules as well as with Assessment Criterion and Standards. The team of Personal Tutors are qualified and possess not less than a Master’s degree in their respective fields of teaching. Students have the facility of seeking additional clarifications and the luxury of individual attention without having to pay any additional fees.
All Text Books and additional reading recommended by the University or Qualification Awarding Authority is provided at no extra cost. In the event a student misses a class, he or she has the facility to sit-in a parallel class to cover-up for absenteeism.
All non-working students are guaranteed with an opportunity to undergo an Internship training attached to a good company. Internship training is an important aspect of the learning process as students are able to connect their learning to real-life applications. Internship training also serves as the platform to obtain regular employment.
HRMI partners with Pearson Edexcel UK, BTEC UK, the University of Derby, UK and University of Northampton, UK; and offers many programmes in the sphere of Business Management, HR, Tourism and Innovation. The Masters and Bachelor’s degrees are delivered in partnership with University Northampton, UK and HNDs and Diplomas from Pearson Edexcel UK. University of Northampton is highly ranked University in UK and students have a 100% employment success with their degrees. HRMI is committed to a policy of offering all their degrees at very affordable costs and also provide monthly installment payment plans to ease the financial constraints of students and parents. HRMI is considered the fastest growing Pearson BTEC Centre in Colombo and the recipient of the Pearson’s award in 2016 Overall High Performance, reflecting Academic Excellence, Student Satisfaction and Growth.

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