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HORIZON CAMPUS OFFERS SCHOLARSHIPS ; For University of London LL.B., BSc degrees

Having received you’re A/L results, the most important question that one would require a answer is as to “what career paths are available in the job market and what degree programmes are available that would make you suitable to enter into that potential market.?” Current available degree pathways and institutions that offer such pathways are many. The affordability of such degree pathways could also vary, with most being beyond affordability. The questions of quality, affordability and accessibility thus become vital questions that need a response from any educational institution, which provides educational opportunities for our student population.
Horizon Campus, a Ministry of Higher Education approved Non State Degree Awarding Institution and UGC approved Local & International Degree Provider,will hold its annual scholarship examination for students who wished to read for a LL.B. or one of 3Bsc. Degrees through the University of London International Programmes.Scholarships are to be offered to students on the local tuition fees due to Horizon Campus. Scholarships will be offered to students who perform well at the exam and has obtained acceptable G.C.E. A/L results. Students who have recently sat the Local A/L exams are welcome to sit the scholarship exam. The offer of scholarships, are also extended to students who wish to join Horizon for the second year of the programme, on the degrees offered by the Campus.
Horizon Campus holds the proud distinction of achieving the recognition of the University of London International Programmes, as a “Registered Centre” and also now offers the “Certificate in HE in Common Law (Formerly known as the Diploma in Law), which provides a pathway for students who have sufficient GCE O/L’s and are over the age of 18 years. The sole objective of providing scholarships for prospective students stems from the vision&mission of its management of making “quality education an affordable commodity” for our younger generation. It is his belief that Horizon has been successful in this endeavor by its achievements over the past 5 years and continually providing scholarships/opportunities for more students to read for the degree they so desire.Three full scholarships and a range of partial scholarships off the local tuition payable to Horizon Campus, have thus far been awarded over the past two years.
Similarly, Horizon Campus intends to offer a range of scholarships for prospective students who wish to join the first year or the second year of the degree programme,which would cover a sizable portion of the local tuition fees, through the exam to be held in February 2017. Horizon would also be offering special fee waivers for students who have performed exceptionally well at the local or London A/L examinations, to read for the degree of their choice.
Horizon Campus has continued to deliver exceptional results on its University of London degree programems, over the past 5 years with several Sri Lanka and world prize winners amongst its results delivered thus far. It has also continued to have brilliant pass rates with well over 90% pass rates achieved over the last few years, which was commended by the University over the past 2 years. Horizon Campus also holds its graduation ceremonies annually in Sri Lanka, where students have the opportunity of enjoying their day amongst friends and family. Furthermore, students who complete their LL.B at Horizon Campus are also directly accepted into the Sri Lanka Law College, which again is a great benefit to any budding lawyer in the making. Furthermore, students who read for their Bsc degree are also provided the opportunity of internships at world famous companies such as PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PwC, Sri Lanka), which is another added bonus to students who wish to progress into the commercial world.
Horizon Campus currently offers the following 3 degree programmes through the world renowned University of London International Programmes.
• Law (LL.B.)
• Bsc. in Banking & Finance
• Bsc. In Accounting & Finance
• Bsc. In Business& Management
The scholarship exam will be held in February 2017, at the Horizon Campus Premises. For more information and registration, call Thilina on 0716 613 613 or Piumion0718 696 706. You could also visit the campus website on or contact Dr.RuwanPerera/Dean, International on [email protected] for further inquiries.

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  1. I want to apply for Bachelor of education degree in your campus , I sat for A/L examination in 2019 year .please dear madam/sir help me

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