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Select your medical university now

Would you believe that its 8 days gone after the new years eve!! Yes, it is. So it’s another new year with the kickoff for 2017. The days will keep going on but Medical University entrance will not be on forever. Many students bid farewell to their schooldays after sitting for the competitive A/Level examination, while the local school students work hard for the year end examinations. Whether you are with or without your results, now that you have completed your secondary education, it’s the ideal time to plan your next step for your higher education.
As we know despite the large number of students sitting for A/Levels every year, only a handful of them receives the privilege of entering the local university. Most students become disheartened or discouraged but what they do not know is that there are plenty of other options right at their doorstep.

Important Message for A/Level Biology Students
For those who studied in the stream of Biology for their A/Levels can now choose from an array of paths which can be either Medicine or Bio Medical Science. The only thing that’s left is to find the right university at the right time. It’s easy to collect a whole bunch of brochures and prospectus of leading universities but it’s not the same when it comes to comparing them and finding which is best. To find the right university, it is vital to seek expert guidance and that is exactly what we at the International Medical Campus provide you through our specialized career guidance sessions followed by guidance and support for processing all necessary documentation.

All the Universities under one roof
International Medical Campus has all its experience and expertise in university student placement in some of the most leading medical universities across the world, has paved the path for thousands of students to successfully graduate overseas and join the medical systems worldwide. We have affiliations to
– IMU (International Medical University) – Malaysia (with affiliations to medical universities in AUS/ UK/NZ), Such as
– The University of Adelaide
– Australian national University
– University of Western Sydney.
– The University of Newcastle
– University of Glasgow
– University of Aberdeen
– University of Nottingham
– University of Liverpool
St. George’s University – Grenada, (UK, USA), VSMU (Vitebsk State Medical University), Gomel State Medical University–Belarus, East Europe, Riga Stradins University – Latvia, Melaka Manipal University- India/Malaysia, Kathmandu Medical University – Nepal, SEGi University College – Malaysia
and These renowned universities offer the internationally recognized MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) qualification topped with over two years of comprehensive training and clinical experience at leading hospitals in the respective countries.

Medical Degree Approval
International Medical Campus does not send students to universities that are not recognized by the medical systems – local and overseas. Thus we ensure that the MD / MBBS qualifications offered at the above universities are fully recognized by Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) as well as the medical councils of the respective regions as well as WHO (World Health Organization).
The Medical graduates must fulfill the SLMC requirements to practice Medicine in Sri Lanka which includes ERPM and other existing criteria. These universities are the best in their respective region offering world class education, research and clinical experience, above all courses conducted completely in English medium. When you meet us don’t forget to verify these!!

Call 0774410782, for admissions and more information
International Medical Campus is accredited by the above medical universities as their official representative in Sri Lanka.
Whether you need help with choosing your medical university or support with visa and other important documentation processing, International Medical Campus offers a comprehensive array of services from the point of choosing the right university to reserving your airline tickets, airport welcome and transportation, finding the best hostel/ apartment accommodation, getting medical insurance, health inspections, document translation and attesting, student monitoring topped with immediate progress reports to parents / guardians, as well as university orientation. If you are interested, simply call 077410782.

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