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Northshore College offers Highly employable UK degree

Northshore College of Business & Technology is unique because when you enroll for a prestigious UWE Degree, you share the same status as an Internal Full- time student of the University of the West of England, enjoying the very same academic facilities and environment afforded to theirstudents. The certification provided on completion of the relevant course is also the very same certification provided by the University of the West of England, so is the course structure ,and even the perusal and certification process, which affords an internship locally on completion of every level of the course . This in turn,pre – conditions the student ,prior to a full time employment and as these degrees are specifically designed as per the employer requirement.
The state-of-the -art,real university environment upholds Sri Lankan values whilst maintaining the best British standards both in the education and ultra-modern in-house training facilities which include a Structural, Geotechnical, Hydraulics, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Laboratory.
A CSR activity has been included into the curriculum so as to give the students a firsthand view of the communities that exist within our social structure, and this includes visits to hospitals, orphanages and homes for the aged. This shows the student empathy,and the ability to understand the less fortunate, thus assisting and contributing and becoming better citizens.
The elite in-house lecture panel, and visiting specialized lecturers from leading universities too contribute significantly to the high international levels of education offered to the aspiring students who have the need and passion to study.
The main Feature of Northshore is to make education within the reach of every aspiring student, so much so that they have a flexible payment facility that can be arranged as per the relevant course conducted. Loan facilities are also available on request.
For further inquiries you may callthem on 94 11 599 0000 / 94 71 5500800

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