Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Information Technology & Software Engineering ;LNBTI offers 50% scholarships

The Lanka Nippon Biz Tech Institute will be offering scholarships up to 50% for students under its LNBTI Japanese Scholarship for Information Technology and Software Engineering. These scholarships will be offered to students with better academic results. Catering to the need of qualified business-centric graduates for the evolving ICT industry, the newly opened LNBTI is the perfect opportunity for students to qualify and get employed in reputable organizations, in Sri Lanka, Japan or worldwide.
Founded in collaboration with Metatechno Japan, a company that specializes in developing Embedded Software for Electronics and Computing devices manufacturers around the world, and hSenid International, an application and service provider for the telecom, financial and enterprise markets, the LNBTI offers a wide range of Information and Communication related study programmes that are created specifically for industry-centric purposes.
One of the main features of the LNBTI that sets it apart is the specialized IT-related curriculum designed to ensure its graduates are well qualified and highly capable of working in any related job in Japan or any other part of the world. Students graduate with a diploma certificate and the possibility of continuing on to degree level.
The resources at LNBTI are of the highest quality and meet international standards, designed and constructed by Japanese experts. The LNBTI lecture rooms, labs and all other resources provide an optimum learning environment for those pursuing their higher education in IT.

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